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Automount an AirDisk in OS X 10.3.x Network
I have four Macs at home: an Intel Core2Duo Mac mini, an iBook G4, un upgraded Power Mac G4 AGP, and an upgraded Bondi Blue iMac. With the first three (two of them running OS X 10.5.1, and one on OS X 10.4.11), I have no problem accessing my AirPort disk (except for the usual Leopard bug-related troubles), while with the last one (running OS X 10.3.9, which is the maximum possible for that machine), there is apparently no support for connecting to an AirDisk.

Well, it turns out to be possible and indeed rather simple, so this hint is almost obvious when one thinks about it later. So, let's begin. I'll assume that your AirDisk is set up with accounts to access it.
  1. In your Mac OS X 10.3.x Panther Mac, open a Finder window and click on the Network icon in the sidebar.
  2. Choose your AirPort base station and connect to it by clicking on the button.
  3. In the dialog that appears, connect as your AirDisk account (the same as your local user account), choose to remember the password in the Keychain (in order to automate further accesses), and select all available volumes.
  4. The AirDisk volumes will now appear in the Finder: mine, for example, are called AirDisk (the main, shared volume) and Sven (the user account volume).
  5. Open System Preferences and click on the Accounts preference pane.
  6. Drag the AirPort Disk volumes to the Login Items (I think it's called so in English, but whatever the name is...) section of the Accounts preferences and optionally choose to hide the items.
  7. Log out and in again: the AirDisk volumes will now mount automatically! (And if you receive a Keychain reminder during this setup, choose to always allow the access, in order to automate the process as much as possible.)
So, even without the AirPort Disk Utility, it is indeed possibile to use an AirDisk in Mac OS X 10.3.x Panther. One could use a similar method to automount an AirDisk in Leopard, at least until the automount issue is fixed by Apple.

[robg adds: I can't confirm either the problem or the solution, having no access to a 10.3.x Mac.]
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Automount an AirDisk in OS X 10.3.x | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Automount an AirDisk in OS X 10.3.x
Authored by: robogobo on Dec 26, '07 09:51:06AM

that iMac can run 10.4 no prob. I'm doing it.

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Automount an AirDisk in OS X 10.3.x
Authored by: Sven G on Dec 26, '07 10:05:17AM

But mine has a Sonnet Harmoni processor upgrade card, which sadly is incompatible with Tiger: in particular, there are problems with the 10.4.x FireWire kernel extensions with that card (which also expands the original tray-loading CRT iMac with a new FireWire port).

I tried to install Tiger on it, some time ago, but there were some unacceptable slowdowns and spinning beachballs, apparently due to that problem (see also the XPostFacto forums).

And I really need the FireWire port for an external hard drive, on that iMac.

Maybe things have changed, in the meantime...?

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Automount an AirDisk in OS X 10.3.x
Authored by: robogobo on Dec 27, '07 04:49:19AM

aha, interesting. I don't know about those things, but maybe Sonnet have a patch for it? I never knew the iMac could be upgraded.

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Automount an AirDisk in OS X 10.3.x
Authored by: Sven G on Dec 27, '07 05:58:58AM
Here is the product page:

... but sadly it isn't Tiger compatible - and probably will never be (as it it's now essentially a legacy product) - and there is still no patch (at least that I know of, even if it would probably have been trivial to provide it, maybe).

... Which is what often happens, sadly: "they" make a potentially great product, and then "suddenly" forget it (se also MS Virtual PC, for example: what a shame that they ditched years and years of great software only for money-related purposes!).

That said, the original Bondi iMac isn't officially supported by Apple (it lacks built-in Firewire) for Tiger, so one cannot really pretend that third parties support it: anyway, it would probably have been rather easy to integrate Tiger support into Harmoni (an *upgrade*, so not really restricted to what Apple officially supports!).

That said, Panther runs great on the original iMac: and certainly faster than Tiger, anyway...

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