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10.4: Set up a D-Link DPR 1260 multifunction print server Network
I recently purchased a D-Link DPR 1260 multifunction print server, and I've been able to share print and scan functions with both Windows and Mac computers on my home network. Unfortunately, the Mac documentation for this print server is almost non-existent. Based on bits I found online, I was able to piece together how to get it to work w/ my MacBook (running 10.4.11):
  1. First, do the initial set up and configuration with a Windows PC, as directed in the included quick start manual.
  2. To make sure your Mac can see the print server, open up your favorite browser, and enter the IP address of your print server, as assigned by DHCP on your router into the URL box. (My router assigned the IP address On this web page, be sure to note the IP address and LPR queue name.
  3. Open up the Printer Setup Utility (/Applications/Utilities/Printer Setup Utility).
  4. Hold down the Option key while clicking on More Printers...
  5. In the next dialog box, under Device, choose LPD/LPR Host or Printer.
  6. In the Device Name field, give your printer any name you want. Since my shared multi-function printer is an HP PSC 2110, I simply named mine PSC2110.
  7. In the Device URI field, enter the following: LPD://IP_Address/LPR_queue_name, using the information gathered in step two. For example, mine was LPD://
  8. To be able to use the shared scan features, create a bookmark to http://IP_Address/scan.html (e.g., "" for my setup), so you can operate your scanner from a web interface.
[robg adds: As suggested on the queue review site, it would be a good idea to give the print server a fixed IP address, rather than a possibly-changing DHCP address. If the IP address happens to change, you won't be able to print.]
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10.4: Set up a D-Link DPR 1260 multifunction print server | 8 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: Set up a D-Link DPR 1260 multifunction print server
Authored by: on Dec 20, '07 09:39:30AM

Doesn't it advertise itself on Bonjour? I am pretty sure it should. If yes, you can just use a Bonjour name and don't worry about IP address.

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10.4: Set up a D-Link DPR 1260 multifunction print server
Authored by: Dave1D on Apr 05, '08 05:12:02AM

Will this work for a TP-Link TL-PS210U print server? I have been trying for days to set it up to work from my iMac with no luck. It works fine from my windows laptop but all I get when trying to print from the iMac is a busy message from the server. Any help would be much appreciated.

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10.5: D-Link DPR 1260 does not do scanning anymore
Authored by: alexmathew on Feb 22, '09 06:14:11PM

Just a warning - with 10.5 on a MacBook, the DPR 1260 cannot connect to a multifunction scanner/printer anymore. Clicking on the Scan button in the DPR 1260's webpage does nothing. It works as a print server though.

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10.4: Set up a D-Link DPR 1260 multifunction print server... got it working! on my mac
Authored by: paranoid android on Aug 07, '09 09:38:27PM
I'd love to add to the last post, as I found some further information that you may find helpful.
First of all, my situation was similar in that i was trying to install the dlink dpr-1260 print server on my home network. Here are some of my h/w specs:
Computer: mac book pro, osx 10.5.1
Router: dlink di-624 wireless 803.11g/b
Printer: HP Office jet j5750 multi function

So here's what i found:
a) when installing your dlink print server, you're going to need to physically connect it to your network via cat5 data cable direct to your router and NOT to your computer. This much the dlink manual has right.
b) once connected, log into your router's web interface. In my case, and look under dhcp tab/link and once you see a listing of all devices that have had recent dhcp ip's assigned, you will hopefully see one for your new dlink dpr 1260. In my case it was assigned (within the range that i had earlier set). This assumes of course that you have dhcp enabled on your router in the first place. if not, then do so, it should be self explanatory via a button toggle. At this point, I took a proactive early step and made the dlink dpr 1260 a static ip so that it is not flaky on my network. Just trust me. Make note of your iP given to your dlink.
c) Now try logging into your dpr 1260 via a browser ( You may notice that you do NOT have a connection. If this is the case, you need to trouble shoot, starting from the physical (always), by testing your cable connections, snap them in again. You did see your dlink in your router dhcp table, so by all accounts you should be able to login.
d) If you are now logged on, you immediatly see the status screen. It indicates information like your print server model, ip address, mac address etc.. You will also see several wireless links on the left hand nav. You will see 'scan', 'setup', ... tabs on the top hand nav. At this point, according to the manual you are to click on the 'setup' tab, unfortunately, this does nothing but spin your 'working' icon. After several minutes, if you have the patience, you will be greeted with the error message "Operating system not supported. Only vista, xp, 2000 and ME are supported" (remember, at this point i'm in a mac laptop, using safari and firefox browser).
e) If you try to now skip the above setup step and go directly into 'add a printer' in your mac, you are likely to fail, as you likely will not have the correct drivers required to run your printer over a print server. At this point i came across the following helpful link from another helpful poster. Go to: and download the three pieces of dmg's... ghost script, foomatic, and hpijs. You'll need to install them in that order.
f) once done, now go to install a new printer, via preferences/printers/add printer (+). I don't remember, but I may have used the default 'LPD protocol', but i do remember you need to use the IP address from step c). Click ok or next.
g) At this point you should be asked for the 'driver'. Select 'choose'. From your list you should now see literally hundreds to choose from. In my case I selected 'HP officeject 570' the closest match to mine. Look for the 'recommended' beside it. Finish up adding the printer. You may want to make some reference to it being your print server printer (as you may already have had it working locally attached and working prior).
h) When you're all done, test print, selecting your print server printer. Voila, it should be printing by now.
Caveat... at this point you may be wondering 'what about that step in the dpr1260 web broswer 'setup' tab? Well, I never got into that tab, but it's printing from my wireless mac. I still have not figured out 'scanning' as that tab also did not work before or after. If you figure it out, please update with a reply. : )

btw.. no disrespect to the dlink support. They were very accomodating and tried to help, but outside of helping me to connect to the dpr1260, the two I had, had no clue about the various unix drivers that I required.

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10.4: Set up a D-Link DPR 1260 multifunction print server
Authored by: PeeBee on Jan 27, '10 10:30:27PM

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post!
I have installed a dLink DIR 615 wireless router and a DPR-1260 wireless print server for my Brother MFC240C.
Everything went per the book when I installed it by using my rock solid 7 yr old ThinkPad, wireless printing was a breeze in about 30 minutes start to finish. However, that turned into 3 evenings of head scratching when I tried to add the printer to my iMac. I would have thought this would be even easier since EVERYTHING I had tried with the iMac had been seamless and simple up to this point.
I am still very happy with the iMac performance but this gap in information is the first crack I have seen in the iMacs armour.

Anyway, for anyone still using Mac OS 10.4.X.X and wishing to use the DPR 1260 as a wireless print server, THIS WORKS!

The only additional note I would make is that when you select 'more printers' with the 'Option' key pressed you may not immediately jump to the fields mentioned in the top post i.e. Device and URL etc. If you don't see them then click on the drop down list that says 'Windows Printing' and select Advanced at the bottom. Then you will see these new fields. (the holding the Options key whilst clicking the 'more printers' enables the Advanced selection to the list. If you just click on 'more printers' then you will not see 'Advanced' and will not get to these other fields that are so critical to this set-up)

Now I can hear the purring of pages printing off in the next room I am a happy chappy! Look, no wires!!!

Thanks again!

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10.6: Set up a D-Link DPR 1260 multifunction print server
Authored by: djevans4 on Mar 31, '10 01:25:59AM

This thread saved me. I just got an HP6MP with parallel to USB cable hooked to Dlink DPR-1260 Wireless Print Server to print properly to a new MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard), and latest Gutenprint driver 5.2.5. I was getting the print once then hang effect when direct connected via USB. Disconnecting and reconnecting the printer would reset it and print one more job, but no end of reconfig would stop it. This thread led me to the wireless print server possibility and I happened to have a DPR-1260 lying around (bought for my wife's office yet uninstalled). The dialogue boxes for Snow Leopard were slightly different than in this thread but got me close enough to get there. Here's how it config'ed successfully finally:

DPR-1260: Install via a Windows machine per instructions and set up with static IP address. Once properly set and rebooted be sure and get the LPR Queue name properly.

Apple Print Config: Go to Sys Prefs>Print/Fax and add printer. Select IP and LPD type. Then enter for the following:
Address: just the static IP of the printer server (mine:
Queue: exact LPR queue name as shown on status page of DPR-1260 (mine: HPLaserJet6MP)
Name: Whatever you want to see on the Mac printer listing
Location: the IP address again - unaltered
Driver: select from the printer list for your printer. (Go to gutenprint if needed)

Infinite other configurations failed to connect or stalled again. I never got hard-wired to work. I didn't really need wireless printing on this device, but $60 is pretty cheap to save the printer. I believe this is much easier on an Apple Airport Express, but it's almost twice the price too. Good luck.

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10.4: Set up a D-Link DPR 1260 multifunction print server
Authored by: Gr8Ful on Oct 26, '10 11:23:30PM

djevans4 really nailed it down for me. This was exactly what I needed to get my ibook G4 hooked up to my DPR1260 print server attached to a Canon Pixma iP4000. I too tried over and over, but it was this post that totally NAILED IT - Thank you sooo much! Now I've got windows and mac machines sharing the same wireless printer. The solution is here, no need to look further.

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10.4: Set up a D-Link DPR 1260 multifunction print server
Authored by: scottsmith1430 on Dec 09, '11 09:26:32PM

Wow. Let me just say that all of you rock! I'm a recent Mac convert and it's of great comfort to me that I could keep my old print server. :)

I had actually plunked through pretty well with getting visiting Mac family members to network print to my Samsung ML-2010 until somewhere around 10.6. Thank you for cracking the code. I can confirm that the 10.6 instructions worked for 10.7 too.

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