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Create double-clickable movie bundles System
Someone noted earlier that Apple DVD Player now accepts ripped VIDEO_TS folders. But you have to drag the folder to the application to play the movie. You can't just double-click it, because that would only show the contents of the folder in the Finder.

Solution: Display the folder containing the VIDEO_TS folder (the one you probably named after the movie title). Click on the name to change it, and add .bundle to the end. The movie is now displayed as a generic bundle file. Press Command-I, then Open With, Other, and select Apple DVD Player -- uncheck the 'recommended applications' option to be able to select it). Finally, select Always Open With this Application, and click Add.

Now if you double-click this bundle, Apple DVD player will launch and play the movie. You can, of course, choose to hide the extension, and paste a movie frame onto the icon (both in the Finder's Get Info window). The only problem: it does not work with Front Row. Front Row does recognize ripped folders, but not bundles. So the bundled movies will not show up in the Front Row menu.

[robg adds: Queue user fds notes that you should probably use the .dvdmedia extension instead of .bundle. This will automatically associate the folder with DVD Player, and add a nice DVD icon as well.]
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Create double-clickable movie bundles
Authored by: ghay on Dec 11, '07 08:22:21AM

Just to add 10.4 allowed playing of Video_TS folders, only by the File menu within the app.

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Create double-clickable movie bundles
Authored by: b00le on Dec 11, '07 08:35:31AM

Will this work with Front Row? (I'm still on 10.4 at work or I'd just try it) The Leopard Front Row is said to play VIDEO_TS files, but mine opens the folder and makes me play the .VOB files one at a time -- not quite the thing.

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Front Row and VIDEO_TS in 10.4
Authored by: mustang_dvs on Dec 11, '07 09:41:34AM

Leopard adds VIDEO_TS playback to Front Row, but for those of us still running 10.4 for one reason or another (in my case, Pharos Popup), DVD Assist is a freeware solution that ties Front Row together with VIDEO_TS folders (and EyeTV, apparently).

DVD Assist was documented in this Hint.

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Front Row Hack
Authored by: mattstocum on Dec 11, '07 09:23:29AM

Hack to make Front Row play nice:

First follow the steps above and name your bundle how you like it.
Then create an empty folder in ~/Movies with the name of your movie
From the command line go to ~/Movies/DVD Name and create a symlink from the .dvdmedia bundle VIDEO_TS folder to the current directory (ln -sf ../DVD.dvdmedia/VIDEO_TS ./VIDEO_TS).

Front Row will now show the dvd for you. The downside is you have two icons for it when you're in Finder.

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Create double-clickable movie bundles
Authored by: surfgeek on Dec 11, '07 10:31:04AM

files with .dvdmedia extension do not appear in frontrow but ts folder seem to work fine.

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Create double-clickable movie bundles
Authored by: ttrtilley on Dec 25, '07 11:48:19PM

Adding .dvdmedia [or .vdvd (or perhaps .bundle - I've run out of movies to test with)] and then removing it, makes the movie show up in Front Row.
Putting the extension back on makes doubleclickable but not show up.
I don't see any attribute changes.
Way too obtuse.
Apple needs more practice crippling software in a friendlier way.
"The media type is not supported." just won't do.
It's been years since they first wasted our time by removing the ability to play an arbitrarily named folder of .VOB files.
It would be a lot easier to just make it work.

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Make that bundle Front Row compatible!
Authored by: GaelicWizard on Dec 15, '07 07:31:02PM
To make the bundle front-row compatible, don't rename it. Instead open Terminal and do:

/Developer/Tools/SetFile -a B /path/to/VIDEO_TS
Then, as the hint suggests, paste a pretty icon onto it and use Get Info to associate it with DVD Player.


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