10.5: Link to any specific message in Mail

Dec 05, '07 07:30:07AM

Contributed by: aqsalter

Looks like this is new in 10.5 ... you can now link to any message in Mail from other applications. To test/use, view the message as either raw source (Command-Option-U), or with long headers (Shift-Command-H). Find the line that looks something like this:

Message-Id: <6a73er$6ut69e@outbound.icp-qv1-irony-out2.iinet.net.au>
You can link to this message from other applications with a URL of this form:
To test this, try pasting your link into Safari; it should jump to the message in Mail.

[robg adds: You can create these links automatically by dragging the message into iCal's URL field, though this won't work in the Notes field, at least not directly. You can paste the URL into the Notes field, then use Shift-Command-U to open it with your browser, which will then switch to Mail. You can also create the links by dragging and dropping into TextEdit. Jon Gruber has written a detailed article on these new message:// URLs, if you'd like even more information about them.]

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