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10.5: Link to any specific message in Mail Apps
Looks like this is new in 10.5 ... you can now link to any message in Mail from other applications. To test/use, view the message as either raw source (Command-Option-U), or with long headers (Shift-Command-H). Find the line that looks something like this:
Message-Id: <6a73er$>
You can link to this message from other applications with a URL of this form:
To test this, try pasting your link into Safari; it should jump to the message in Mail.

[robg adds: You can create these links automatically by dragging the message into iCal's URL field, though this won't work in the Notes field, at least not directly. You can paste the URL into the Notes field, then use Shift-Command-U to open it with your browser, which will then switch to Mail. You can also create the links by dragging and dropping into TextEdit. Jon Gruber has written a detailed article on these new message:// URLs, if you'd like even more information about them.]
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10.5: Link to any specific message in Mail
Authored by: Roquentin on Dec 05, '07 12:50:10PM

You can make display this information by default in all email messages as follows:

1. Choose Preferences from the Mail menu.
2. Switch to the Viewing pane in the preferences window.
3. Choose "Custom" from the "Show header detail" pop-up menu.
4. Click the plus (+) symbol in the lower-left corner, then enter "Message-ID" in the space provided. Click OK to save.

Now open an email message and look at the information in the top section, above the body.

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10.5: Link to any specific message in Mail
Authored by: luigi193 on Dec 05, '07 01:42:07PM

I thought it was called a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) or URI Scheme

Unless I am wrong...because I most always am...

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10.5: Link to any specific message in Mail
Authored by: liyanage on Dec 10, '07 03:51:32AM
John Gruber and I both posted about this with a bit of AppleScript code to make it easy to copy message links to the clipboard:

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10.5: Link to any specific message in Mail
Authored by: bcometa on Mar 31, '08 09:27:42AM
You can drag-and-drop an e-mail message from Mail into iCal, but only in iCal's Month view! I wish I would have tried this sooner, but I never use month view.

Drag-and-dropping into Month view creates an event with the Mail message link/alias that, with one click, opens my e-mail message in Mail. Perfect for setting a reminder to read an e-mail at a specific day/time.

Without Applescript, the only other way I know to link Mail messages into iCal is by using the URL field, but I dislike "editing" iCal events (Apple+E or double-clicking an event) - which is why I use week view (so I can just press "return" to edit without the "edit" menu).

I think this may be more of a bug than a hint (or both), because strange (though insignificant) things can happen when you start experimenting. For example:
- Set iCal to Week View
- Click and drag a Mail message into iCal. Notice there is no easy* way to drag-and-drop
- Press Apple+3 to change to month view. Notice you can now see what day the message will be dropped into.

That's the hint part, here's the weird part:

- With the cursor/message still over the Calendar part of iCal press Apple+2.
- Nothing happens.
- But if you move the cursor out of the calendar (i.e. above "March 2008") you can now press Apple+2 to get to Week view. Weird.

*There is also a buggy way to drag messages from Mail into Week view, but you have to have very crucial timing. The instant the cursor/message moves from Mail to iCal you have to let go of the mouse button (you will see a green plus icon for a split-second). It's quite difficult to nail reliably. The Month view solution is probably quicker and more accurate for the majority of people.


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10.5: Link to any specific message in Mail
Authored by: horhey23 on Aug 11, '09 11:58:28AM

With AppleScript, how does one specify the displayed text of the mail message link as something other than the raw link info?

In other words, I want to have the displayed text read "'Message Subject' from 'Sender'" as opposed to the raw "message:<xxxxxyyyyzzzz>" link.

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