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10.5: Create new Stacks via drag and drop Desktop
I was heartbroken when I discovered a Stack was nothing more than a spiffed-down image of an existing folder, and I was even more irritated when I discovered you couldn't just drag a bunch of files to make a new Stack. I couldn't do much about the look, but I could at least make something that acted as I expected Stacks to: A convenient Dock icon that sits patiently waiting for a collection of files, and then magically turns them into a brand new Stack.

It's a simple AppleScript that took way too long for my Perl-sized brain to write, but it seems to work. There's a compiled version [76KB download], and source is available (original siteHints mirror).

Place the AppleScript app in your dock, then select a few files in your Finder and drag them to the icon. It will ask you for a label (a default label is generated according to the current date and time), and then it will magically add the new Stack and (perhaps annoyingly) reload the Dock.

[robg adds: The script works by moving the files you drop on it. If you'd rather create aliases instead, there are instructions in the source on two simple edits to make to have it do so. I haven't tested this one, but a comment on the queue review site notes that if you use aliases, the error checking for duplicate files no longer works. And as the author notes, use this at your own risk, as it modifies your dock.plist file to do its magic.]
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10.5: Create new Stacks via drag and drop
Authored by: VeryVito on Nov 27, '07 09:25:34AM
Thanks, Rob. I've since updated the script to allow a choice between moving files and creating aliases to them, and I've added a new overlay icon that makes the resulting Stack a little easier to recognize. The latest compiled script can be downloaded from here, and more info is available here.

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10.5: Create new Stacks via drag and drop
Authored by: ubrgeek on Nov 27, '07 09:36:18AM

I may be wrong, but I'm fairly sure I created a folder, added aliases in it and then dragged that folder to the dock and it became a stack. I did it for the subfolders I keep in my Application folder. Granted the aliases open the sub folder in question in the finder, but that worked for me. Basically the item in the dock was an alias of a folder with aliases of subfolders in it. The key was to drag that "macro" folder alias into the dock. It automatically became a stack, with all of the stack functionality. Or am I missing something about this hint?

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10.5: Create new Stacks via drag and drop
Authored by: jecwobble on Nov 27, '07 11:36:23AM

What you did manually—creating a new folder, putting aliases to other things in that folder, then dragging that folder to the Dock as a Stack—is what this Applescript does for you. Select any files or folders all at once, drag them onto this Applescript and a new folder with aliases will be created and added to the Dock for you. It just saves a few steps.

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10.5: Create new Stacks via drag and drop
Authored by: Swift on Nov 27, '07 11:54:14AM

I just grabbed the image of the folder from the top of the finder window. It becomes a stack in the dock.

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10.5: Create new Stacks via drag and drop
Authored by: VeryVito on Nov 27, '07 02:18:06PM

Assuming you want to include an entire folder in a single stack, that's fine. But let's say you have four videos from cousin Eddie in your downloads folder, and you want to place them in a new "Disturbing Kitten Video" stack -- but your downloads folder also has hundreds of other zips, dmgs and aiff files that you DON'T want on this stack.

Rather than creating a new folder somewhere on your filesystem, dragging and/or creating aliases of the four videos into the new folder, and then dragging the new folder onto the Dock, this method allows you to simply drag the four files you want to group together into a single new stack -- in one step.

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10.5: Create new Stacks via drag and drop
Authored by: vincentdavis on Nov 27, '07 08:41:04PM

Would be great if there was a way to label and then make a smart folder for that label. There would have to be no limit to the # of lables.

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