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10.5 hints progress report, and a new poll Site News
Two semi-quick site updates tonight. First, a new iPhone/iPod touch poll that asks about the state of the software on your iPhone or iPod touch (if you own one, of course). I'm curious what percentage of hints readers have modified their iPhones or touches to support third party apps. (As long as we're talking about polls -- if you're a Macworld reader, we're also running our annual Reader's Choice survey, too.)

Second, and of much broader interest, here's brief update on the OS X 10.5 hints queue. As of today, the queue has grown to 463 potential hints (all hints, not just 10.5) -- that's not counting the 94 Leopard hints that we've already run. Obviously, if you're just submitting something, it's going to be a while before it shows on the site. However, there has been progress on this front that makes the large queue less daunting, even though it continues to grow...

As of Monday, we now have about 60ish Mac OS X Hints readers helping to review the queue! That's right, for the first time ever, it's not just my eyeballs on the prospective hints. These readers, who are volunteering their time, were asked to participate based on their long-term contributions to the site through hints, comments, or other involvement (such as behind the scenes technical support on Unix hints). They have access to the queue on a special site, and they help me check for duplicates, which is a great timesaver. More importantly, though, they're also sharing their opinions -- through comments and a voting system -- as to whether each hint should be published or not. I love the fact that no longer am I the sole reviewer for every potential hint. In the long run, this should improve the quality (and quantity, as hints can be processed more quickly) of hints here on the site.

What makes me feel really good about the macosxhints readers is that of the hints that have gone through this peer review system so far, only a handful have been rejected (usually for being too obvious or too well documented). The vast majority of the submissions have been of high quality, and the main reason a hint gets rejected now is that it's a duplicate of something we've already run. The readers here really dig into their OS to find all the nitty gritty details.

I'd just like to offer a big thank you to this team of volunteers who are already helping to make the hints here better than they've ever been before. (And no, you can't volunteer for the team at this point in time, sorry!)

So if you've submitted a hint, please be patient -- the 10.5 hints are flowing, and will continue to flow at a rate of 10 to 20 or more a day, at least through the contest period. We'll get to yours, I promise, and it will either run, or you'll get a message from me explaining why it didn't. (And I guarantee we'll get everything that's been submitted published prior to the close of the contest!)

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10.5 hints progress report, and a new poll
Authored by: cuban321 on Nov 06, '07 10:44:25PM

I'm glad the site is doing well and expanding. Any chance we could get the RSS feed to show more than just a snippet of the post?

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10.5 hints progress report, and a new poll
Authored by: robg on Nov 07, '07 04:26:52AM

I'll ask the question and see what we can do.


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10.5 hints progress report, and a new poll
Authored by: cycomachead on Nov 07, '07 06:38:41AM

That's good to know! Rob, you spoiled the fun. I saw that and wanted to help go through and test these hints, especially being I don't have to say at school for hours each day for a few weeks (Leadership) and I have time to really get to know Leopard.

My RSS feed shows pretty much the entire hint for nearly everything- I think it's what's showing on the homepage. I know sometimes hints are very long and get cut off to save space. If you're using Safari, check the little blue slider on the right of the RSS page and drag it as far right as possible.

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10.5 hints progress report, and a new poll
Authored by: rhowell on Nov 07, '07 07:17:25AM

Hey, what a great idea! Imagine if this site became reddit-like ( in which all submitted hints were viewable on some back page, but the front page had hints voted up or down by all macosxhints viewers.

The front page would become a dynamic "best-of".

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