10.5: Remove the stripes from list view mode

Nov 01, '07 07:30:30AM

Contributed by: robg

Here's a tip I discovered; I was holding off to see if it would show up in the queue in the first few days, but with over 400 new submissions, it's not there yet ... so I thought I'd go ahead and toss it out for those who dislike the alternating-row stripes in 10.5 (I actually like them, but I know that feeling isn't universal).

If you'd prefer a plain white background for list view mode, as in 10.4, open Terminal and enter these two commands (without the $):

$ defaults write com.apple.finder FXListViewStripes -bool FALSE
$ killall Finder
Presto, no more stripes in list view. To get them back, repeat the above, but change FALSE to TRUE, and then kill the Finder again.

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