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10.5: How to install Lotus Notes in Leopard Install
I just installed Leopard (os x 10.5) and as most other users are very happy with it. Until I ran into this little problem: Lotus Notes 7.0.2 will not install. The install script gives an error and forces the install to quit. However I was able to find the problem and force the system to give the correct information to the install script. Here is what I did.

The problem is that the installer for Lotus Notes runs a shell script that determines a few things about your computer, amongst them the current OS version. If the version is not 8 (nothing lower, but also nothing higher) the installer will quit. It uses the sysctl to determine the version. What I did was rename sysctl to something else and create a shell script in the place of sysctl (/usr/sbin/) that only returns what the installer wants to hear.

[robg adds: What follows is potentially very dangerous, as it modifies a key system file. Read on for the details, but be aware that I don't think this is perhaps the best solution (nor do some of the commenters on the queue review team). However, it worked for the submitter, and may help someone else, so read on if you need this information.]

All of the following was done as root (except the actual installation). First rename the file and create a new one:
root # cd /usr/sbin/
root # mv sysctl sysctl.bak
root # touch sysctl
Then simply put this inside the file (I used vi):
echo "kern.osrelease = 8.10.0"
Now you need to do chmod a+x sysctl to let the script be runnable. Next you can run the installer and install the software. After that you can delete the 'fake' sysctl file and put the original back:
root # rm sysctl
root # mv sysctl.bak sysctl
That is it; simple but effective!

[robg adds: I've never seen the Lotus installer, but a potentially safer solution would be to first copy the installer to writable media, then look at its script and modify that script to provide the right information back (or have it run a fake sysctl from another location).]
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10.5: How to install Lotus Notes in Leopard
Authored by: cycomachead on Nov 07, '07 04:49:46PM

I'd imagine that this could screw up other apps that do the same thing, but are looking for the 10.5 tag.

Wouldn't changing what it wants to here so change it 10.5 instead of changing what it hears work? It's a much safer way and if modifies one thing versus the system which many things rely on.

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10.5: How to install Lotus Notes in Leopard
Authored by: Greyman on Nov 07, '07 05:09:12PM

The FAR easier (and safer) way is to just install the application on a 10.4 machine and copy the and the data directory to your Leopard machine. The application seems to run fine in 10.5, and like the original poster states, the only real issue is that the installer does not recognize 10.5 as a valid OS.


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10.5: How to install Lotus Notes in Leopard
Authored by: Shiver758 on Nov 07, '07 05:15:03PM

This sounds very iffy.

I'll be installing notes on my leopard macbook very soon, and there's no way I'm going to try this.

Shouldn't there be a Pacifier solution or something like that?

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10.5: How to install Lotus Notes in Leopard
Authored by: Shiver758 on Nov 07, '07 05:22:19PM

ps - the 6.5 installer works just fine, if that's an option for the less brave among us :)

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10.5: How to install Lotus Notes in Leopard
Authored by: metajon on Nov 07, '07 05:42:11PM

Just copy to the /Applications folder and copy the ~/Library/Application Support/Lotus Notes Data folder. You'll have to go through setup again so have a clean copy of your .id file handy. But it'll run just fine without any bizarre sysctl editing.

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install 7.0.3 instead
Authored by: perturb on Nov 07, '07 05:54:03PM
7.0.3 was released late last month and installs/works on Leopard - download it here if you have Passport Advantage.

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10.5: How to install Lotus Notes in Leopard
Authored by: EpaL on Nov 27, '07 03:03:25PM
I think I have a safer solution:
  1. Open the Lotus Notes 7.02 DMG
  2. Drag "Lotus Notes Installer.pkg" to the desktop
  3. Right-click the .pkg and choose "Show Package Contents"
  4. Navigate to Contents/Resources
  5. Right-click "InstallationScript" and choose "Open With..." -> Other... and choose TextEdit from the applications folder or choose your favorite text editor.
  6. In the script, comment out lines 13 to 18 by inserting '#' at the beginning of each line (you'll see similar lines with comments in them further down in the script if you get confused).
  7. Save the script.
  8. Double-click Lotus Notes Installer.pkg on your desktop to launch the installer.
  9. Run through the installation as normal (you should now no longer get the "Lotus Notes Mac cannot be installed on this computer" error message)
  10. Enjoy!
For best results, install the 7.0.3 upgrade (linked to in the previous post) after you've installed 7.0.2.

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10.5: How to install Lotus Notes in Leopard
Authored by: osullis on Dec 02, '07 09:14:22AM

Folks, I have a PowerBook G4, 1.25, running 10.3.9, with Notes 6.0 It's stable.

When upgrading the OS, will it work to archive and install, so that I don't have to reinstall LotusNotes? (I don't have the install disk any longer.)

Thanks very much for advice ...


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