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10.5: Bring back rounded window corners Apps
If you're disappointed about the loss of the rounded window corners in the Leopard menu bar (and the loss of the rounded bottom corners in Mac OS X in general), get Many Tricks' freeware Displaperture.

Displaterture allows you to choose which of the four corners you want rounded, and also lets you pick the radius. It is headless and doesn't appear in the Dock.

[robg adds: You can also use this nifty little app to turn your machine into a great impersonation of a 1950s-era television set. Try it and you'll see what I mean.]
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...but not with Spaces
Authored by: cacepi on Nov 06, '07 06:14:50PM

This program only works on Space 1. Change to another Space and you're back to the non-rounded corners.

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...but not with Spaces
Authored by: mumkin on Nov 06, '07 06:43:51PM

Not Space 1, per se, but whatever space you happen launch it from, rather. Pity, as I've taken to keeping a nine-space environment myself.

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Displaperture Covers Up The Apple & Spotlight Menu Clickable Screen Corners
Authored by: kohlmannj on Nov 06, '07 09:01:02PM

Be aware, however, that Displaperture covers up the screen corners. Who cares, right? In my experience, I was no longer able to trigger the Apple or Spotlight menus by simply throwing the mouse cursor into the appropriate corners and clicking. Disappointing. There's no way I'm sacrificing the Fitts' Law menu triggers for rounded corners.

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10.5: Bring back rounded window corners
Authored by: imperialline on Nov 06, '07 09:42:12PM


Now I really understand the saying "Old habits die hard"

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10.5: Bring back rounded window corners
Authored by: Axlin on Nov 06, '07 10:27:03PM

By default, this app will only work in whichever space from which you launched it. It is pretty easy to get it to work in all spaces, however. To do this, kill the process in Activity Monitor, then go to the Spaces preferences and assign Dislaperture to every space. Relaunch Dislapurture, and enjoy your rounded corners in every one of your spaces. :)

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10.5: Bring back rounded window corners
Authored by: maxbook on Nov 07, '07 12:03:27AM

When I use Displaperture Exposť or other effects (minimize, maximize) stutter.

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10.5: Bring back rounded window corners
Authored by: mm2270 on Nov 07, '07 05:43:51AM

While I doubt I'll end up using an app like this, and just learn to live with the new square menu corners instead, I will say that the square menu corners are quite out of place in the new "round everywhere" look of Leopard. The menus themselves have rounded corners, as do many other previously square items.

So one has to ask what Apple was thinking here. Why make items that were previously square round and items that were previously rounded square? Seems rather disjointed to me.

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