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Wraparound - Remove screen edges Pick of the Week
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Let me say first that (a) this pick is only really useful if you have multiple monitors (though if you've got a 30" Cinema Display, it might come in handy, too), and (b) you'll either love it or hate it.

Wraparound is a little app that removes your screens' hard edges. When it's running, the leftmost edge of your leftmost display is no longer a "wall." Instead, when you cross the leftmost edge of the screen, your cursor will jump to the rightmost edge of your rightmost display. In my case, I've got a 23" LCD as my main display, and a 19" Sony to its right. On the Sony, I keep most of my 'ancillary' windows -- iChat, stocks, iCal -- while I use the main screen for the apps I actively work in.

Without Wraparound, if I'm on the Sony screen and need to get to something near the left edge of the 23" display, it's a really long trip with the mouse (menus excluded -- I use DejaMenu for menu activation via the mouse). With Wraparound installed, I just flick my mouse right instead of left, though, and I'm instantly at the left edge of the main screen. This requires moving my eyes left while my hand moves right, but I really didn't find it hard to adjust to that at all, but your mileage may vary. You can even drag windows across screen boundaries, moving them across many inches of screen real estate with the smallest of mouse movements.

Depending on how many monitors you have and how they're laid out, you specify which screen edges you'd like Wraparound to ignore -- up, down, left, and right. In my case, I have it set to ignore left and right edges, but enforce the top and bottom edges. So you ask, "What about Fitt's Law?" I'm glad you asked. Wraparound's preferences includes an "auto-disable" feature with a definable pixel range. With this option enabled, the pixel area you specify will act as a hard wall in the corners of the screen. You can then fling your mouse to the top left corner of the screen and have it slam into the Apple menu and stop.

You can also specify that you want Wraparound to work in all applications, only listed applications, or all except the listed applications. Finally, there are modifier keys you can set to wrap all edges or wrap no edges. So if I Shift-drag the mouse, I can move out of the top or bottom of the screen, and if I Command-drag the mouse, then all edges become solid again.

As I stated up front, you'll probably either love this app or hate it -- but it's free to try, so if you've got a couple monitors and are tired of long-haul mouse movements, give it a shot. In my testing, it uses a trivial amount of CPU power (though there's a slider that let you vary that to suit your needs), and it's a simple application: if you don't like it, just delete it and it's gone. It's staying on my machine, however!
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Wraparound - Remove screen edges
Authored by: davew135 on Oct 22, '07 08:51:06AM

I've been using this application for quite some time and find it simply amazing. Especially for somebody like myself with a vision disability this makes it very simple for me to find my lost mouse.

I know I am wrong, you don't have to tell me.

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Wraparound - Remove screen edges
Authored by: mankoff on Oct 22, '07 12:41:48PM
For finding lost mice, I find this program extremely helpful:


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Wraparound - Remove screen edges
Authored by: syko on Oct 22, '07 08:51:22AM


I don't believe this is necessary, Rob.

I have 3 monitors on my Mac Pro.. all greater than 20"

If you set your mouse acceleration and speed high enough you can simply move your mouse from 1 location to the other.. I can move my mouse from my farthest left monitor all the way to the right edge of my farthest right monitor *instantly*

It may take a little while to get used to the speed increase, but most people that use my setup for about an hour or so usually get used to it quick enough.

I've been using multiple monitors since the //fx days, so having a wraparound, in my opinion, is not really necessary if you bump the speed of your mouse up.

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Wraparound - Remove screen edges
Authored by: robg on Oct 22, '07 08:58:44AM

My mouse is, and has been, set to max acceleration for as long as I've used a Mac :).

Even with that, it takes a concerted "fling" to get it from one corner to the other. Sure, it's just an inch or two of "real" desk space, but it's a pain. Also, the super-fast fling only works if you want to get to an entry in the menu. If you want to grab a window that's on the other corner of the screen, you need to have more control, so you drag more slowly.

But if you're happy with your solution, that's great -- and I'll stick with Wraparound :).


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Wraparound - Remove screen edges
Authored by: MrSean on Oct 22, '07 09:59:38AM

I don't think "necessary" is the issue. For those of us who don't like high mouse sensitivity, this is a great idea. Sure it's not necessary, but for me (running an old 19" Apple monitor with a 19" Sharp) it would save a lot of mouse motion the way my desktop is set up while allowing me to keep my preferred mouse settings.

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Wraparound - Remove screen edges
Authored by: shoobe01 on Oct 22, '07 10:51:45AM

Or, just use a tablet with absolute positioning. No scroll at all. Just position the pointer where you want it and it jumps there.

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Wraparound - Remove screen edges
Authored by: luigi193 on Oct 22, '07 07:40:55PM

I bet al gore uses this one...

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Wraparound - Remove screen edges
Authored by: joelseph on Oct 22, '07 08:28:22PM

Sounded kinda cool so I tried it on my Powerbook... and it works! Not that I have any need/use for it whatsoever since I don't have any additional displays, but I'll certainly be looking for a situation to justify having it! Pretty snazzy.


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Wraparound - Remove screen edges
Authored by: allenwatson on Mar 06, '08 03:55:57PM

For some reason this hint from last year came up as Pick of the Week for me...

I downloaded it, only to discover that the disk image is a classic image. It won't mount on my Intel Macbook with Leopard.

Microsoft MVP for Entourage
AppleScripts for OE and Entourage

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Wraparound - Remove screen edges
Authored by: rammjet on Mar 24, '08 09:18:55AM

Maybe you need to check some settings somewhere.

I just downloaded and mounted the image in Leopard. The downloaded file image is named: Wraparound1.3.1L.dmg

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