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Create fast-access bookmarks for iTunes U areas Apps
Apple's iTunes U is taking off, and yet there is no way to bookmark it. Here is a workaround: Save this AppleScript into ~/Library » iTunes » Scripts:
open location "itms://"
Now go to Keyboard & Mouse preferences and assign a shortcut to your script. As an alternative, you can run this one line in Terminal (the backslashes should let it copy and paste successfully):
echo 'open location "itms://"' \
>> ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts/iTunes\ U.scpt;\
open /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Keyboard.prefPane
Next time you launch your iTunes, use the hot-key to go directly to iTunes U. You can also change the target URL into whatever you want:


You can even visit Harvard (which is not listed in the iTunes catalog!). You can find the URL you're interested in by control-clicking on that items' title in the iTunes U area and choosing Copy iTunes Store URL. You can be even more specific and go directly to the course that you happen to like.

[robg adds: Both the script and the Terminal method of creating it worked fine for me in testing. You could also extend this hint to bookmark any particular area of the iTunes store that you wished, of course.]
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non-terminal alternative
Authored by: kiltbear on Oct 22, '07 08:00:19AM

For those who hate the terminal or are just uncomfortable with it...

Open Safari and hit the "Bookmarks" button on the left side of the bookmarks bar.

Open iTunes and go to the page in iTunes that interests you.

Drag the final part of the "breadcrumb trail" that iTunes provides across the top as indicating where in the iTunes store you happen to be to the Safari bookmarks window and drop it there.

I tend to drag the breadcrumb to the desktop for things I am checking regularly and just get a hyperlink icon on the desktop.

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non-terminal alternative
Authored by: morespace54 on Oct 22, '07 02:01:50PM

Dang, I've never tried that before...!
Thanks! I used to drag all those album (web archive) to a folder on my desktop... This is way much more "elegant"!

Now, if I could only manage to merge both hints... ;)
An Applescript that would do all that automatically would be awesome

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Create fast-access bookmarks for iTunes U areas
Authored by: mustang_dvs on Oct 22, '07 08:36:14AM
Apple's iTunes U is taking off, and yet there is no way to bookmark it.

There isn't?

Well, then why is it that Right-Clicking the link, either to, oh say the "Center for International Studies" tab under the John Hope Franklin Center in the Duke section gives me a menu that says "Copy iTunes Store URL" that lets me save this direct link to the DUCIS section: (disclosure: DUCIS is my employer)

At that point, you could either throw the URL into a WebLoc file, or bookmark it in Safari for one-click access.

It's quite possible that I'm missing the point of this hint...?

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Create fast-access bookmarks for iTunes U areas
Authored by: Unsoluble on Oct 22, '07 11:50:26AM
The point is that there's no way to create bookmarks within iTunes.

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