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Correcting SMS crashing on iPhone iOS devices
Having used the iPhone for some testing, I saw that some SMSes corrupted the database file and the SMS app no longer worked. It would simply quit when I tried to open the SMS. The Apple suggested way to fix this problem would be to reset the iPhone by using the Settings » General » Reset » Erase all Content and Settings. But this would mean that you would have to resync your iPhone again. The easiest way I have found to do this is as follows.
  1. Install iNdependence 1.2.2.
  2. Install AppTap.
  3. Download any Terminal app from within the AppTap installer on the iPhone.
  4. Open the terminal app and enter these commands:
    $ bash
    $ rm Library/SMS/*
    Note that you will lose all your saved SMS messages.
  5. Exit the terminal app.
  6. Restart your iPhone.
Your SMS app should now be as good as new while all your other data is intact.

[robg adds a very important note: This solution will possibly (a) void your warranty, (b) break the EULA, and (c) may have negative consequences with future Apple updates. If you've going to take this route, however, you could actually just use iNdependence to jailbreak the phone, and install dropbear (an SSH clone) at the same time (within iNdependence). Once that's done, you could use ssh (or sftp via Transmit, etc.) to connect to the phone and remove the bad file. Please consider the possible consequences above, however, before trying this solution -- anything that happens to your iPhone would be your responsibility, not anyone else's. Apple's Restor function is by far the safest, if most time consuming, solution.]
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Correcting SMS crashing on iPhone
Authored by: ash7 on Oct 22, '07 07:45:15AM

If you A) have this problem and B) are willing to use this solution, please consider copying all your SMSes off your iphone over SFTP and deleting them one by one to find the offending message. Then, submit the offending message to Apple via their bug reporter.

Or just post it in your blog and somebody will figure out what specifically is crashing it and maybe Apple will fix it.

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Correcting SMS crashing on iPhone
Authored by: zebrum on Oct 22, '07 10:17:31AM

The SMS that crashed mine was all mangled text for both the number and the message.

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Correcting SMS crashing on iPhone
Authored by: Deeeep on Oct 22, '07 12:16:04PM

You will also be able to edit the sms.db in the /Library/SMS/ folder with any SQLite editor and delete the sms with the freaky characters in the number column.... this also spares your sms database...

Fight the power! Void the Warranty!!

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Correcting SMS crashing on iPhone
Authored by: MacMuse26 on Oct 22, '07 01:58:02PM

This is not a hint, it's an invitation to disaster I expect to find at iPhone Hacker sites, not MaxOSXHints.

Not to mention the liklihood this "hint" becomes obsolete or even destructive with the next iPhone firmware update.

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Authored by: stephen007 on Nov 26, '07 08:06:09AM

"it's an invitation to disaster"

Oh, please. I'm trying to assume that you are kidding but maybe you aren't. Why is this not a hint? Tons of hints on this website involve command line editing of Mac system files, plists, ad naseum. If you're too scared to get root on your iPhone & issue terminal commands then don't.

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Correcting SMS crashing on iPhone
Authored by: maintain1 on Oct 24, '07 04:22:25PM

I will have to say that I have never ever been tempted to try and hack my iPhone.

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