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Fix an iCal 'application not responding' occasional hang Apps
I've been frustratingly living with iCal unresponsiveness for what seems like years. About two dozen times a day, some interaction with iCal (a click on any sort of control, element, or field) results in about a 20-second wait while iCal thinks about it, sometimes with a beach ball, sometimes without. If you Control-click the app in the dock while this is going on, you get the 'not responding' message. iCal's CPU usage sometimes correspondingly spikes in top. Sometimes iCal will even refuse to budge its way in front of any other windows.

Background: I use iCal all the time. I generate probably four to-dos a day and a couple new events a week (not counting the existing recurring dozen events per week). I probably edit to-dos and events at a rate of 20 times per day. I have four calendars at work (G5 intel Mac Pro 10.4), about 12 calendars at home (G4 Power Book 10.3), and about 13 calendars on my previous work computer (G4 Power Mac 10.4). All computers have the same problem, even though the only common calendar between them is the US Holidays calendar from Apple's website (and it's not set to auto-refresh). I don't subscribe to .Mac, nor have I ever. I run iSync at home, but not at work. I publish calendars from the home computer to a fourth computer with webdav configured. Each computer is different, but they all had the same problem with unresponsiveness. I had assumed corrupt calendar files -- until I started having the same problem on my new G5 with different calendars and no publishing or subscriptions (except US holidays).

I occasionally search for a solution to this problem, but have never found one using the search terms ical hang OR freeze OR "not responding", though I don't claim to be a power searcher. Today, I got frustrated enough to actually call Apple and resolve the issue once and for all and I think I may have found a solution.

Here's what I did:
  1. Run iSync (even though I'd never run it on the new computer)
  2. Go to iSync » Preferences...
  3. Click Reset Sync History and confirm you want to reset the Sync History
  4. Quit iSync
  5. Restart iCal
I played around with iCal rapidly for a couple minutes (in which time I would have expects a few freezes/hangs), and it kept responding with no hangs! I was stoked; I'm not used to such responsiveness, and I can't wait to try this at home!

The rep on the phone found the solution searching using the terms ical slow (doh!), and claimed a lot of people appear to have had the same problem. I figured I'd submit this as a hint since I'd been intermittently searching for over a year for a solution to this problem -- including searches.
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Fix an iCal 'application not responding' occasional hang
Authored by: jmontana on Sep 21, '07 07:57:56AM

If this fixes the problem where I have to click any of the buttons in the Alarm dialog about 30 times (no, I'm not exaggerating) in rapid succession to get it to respond, I'll be a very happy camper.

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Fix an iCal 'application not responding' occasional hang
Authored by: barefootguru on Sep 21, '07 01:22:16PM

iCal sometimes gets sluggish for me, with delays of 1-2 seconds. It's usually after I've been doing a bit of work in there, and a quit & relaunch fixes it.

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Fix an iCal 'application not responding' occasional hang
Authored by: S Barman on Sep 21, '07 07:44:10PM

One thing I do is to backup the database (under File), then use "Revert to Database Backup" to restore the data. This seems to reorder the database and clean up any residual issues that causes the rolling beachball.

It works for me... YMMV!

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Fix an iCal 'application not responding' occasional hang
Authored by: LucP on Oct 06, '09 12:21:34AM

The 'reset isync' solution did not work for me - but the 'backup-restore' solution did the job: iCal now runs smooth again !

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