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Change the iPhone's conditional forwarding numbers iOS devices
This is more of a GSM hint and common knowledge for GSM users, but relevant for iPhone users of this site who may have switched from CDMA carriers. Using standard GSM codes, you can change the numbers for conditional forwarding, such as forward if no answer, forward if busy, forward if out of reach. The default is to forward to voicemail, but there are times when you might want to change that. For instance, to forward calls to your home phone if you don't answer, dial this number (then tap the Call button)...
...where 1234567890 is your 10-digit home phone number. Dial ##61# and tap Call again to cancel that setting. When you do cancel, AT&T inserts the proper voicemail number, so everything will be as it was before you started. I do not know how it affects your minutes or if AT&T charges more for forwarded calls. Here's a complete list of conditional forwarding commands.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Change the iPhone's conditional forwarding numbers
Authored by: luomat on Sep 12, '07 09:18:19AM

Yeah but what I really want is a way to forward all my voicemail calls (i.e. from home or office) to my iPhone visual voicemail box so I don't have to deal with those other crappy voicemail systems.

I don't suppose there's a code for that though :-)

As a former Sprint customer, I appreciate this tip as I had heard it was possible but wasn't sure about the how.

It would be good to know how those minutes are charged by AT&T but I doubt anyone will get a straight answer out of them.

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Change the iPhone's conditional forwarding numbers
Authored by: Jargonwhat on Sep 12, '07 10:13:11AM

Thanks, SpinVox works on my iPhone now :)

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Change the iPhone's conditional forwarding numbers
Authored by: cbowers on Sep 12, '07 10:00:56PM

OK that's great, but not really an "Apple" user experience.
My old SE T610 does this with menus. You choose the forwarding feature and enter the phone number. Canceling it is a click. Forget where you forwarded it? Click on status and it will tell you the number that forward scenario is forwarded to.

What's more is these settings are per profile. So I set it once, and from that point I just select that phone profile and the home/status display screen reminds you that you also just enabled custom forwarding by selecting that profile. Select normal profile again and the forwarding turns off.

So it's very easy to have your cell number ring on your home or office phone just by selecting a home or office profile on your phone.

Or, easy to have my personal cellphone call forward to my work cellphone. And since the work cellphone is also GSM, the display visually indicates to me that this is a forwarded call when it rings in, so I can change how I answer the phone, knowing it came from my personal cell number (catch up with *that* CDMA).

Would be nice to know that Apple adds such Apple like user interface thoughtfulness into the iPhone as well. Though given how the bluetooth features of my Palm, Blackberry, GPS, and Mac laptop and desktops run circles around the bluetooth iPhone experience (has no BT profiles other than headset, so no addressbook interface for callerID, SMS, or GPS location with google maps) perhaps all this is yet to come in a 1.1 or 2.0 iteration of iPhone.

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Change the iPhone's conditional forwarding numbers
Authored by: Mac112 on Sep 13, '07 09:06:04AM

Early GSM phones relyed on this way of changing things - before UI's became what we have now…

On my Danish network (Sonofon), it's possible to change the delay before a call is diverted to the answering machine:

 * * 61 * (answerphone number) * 11 * (time in seconds) # call button

Time in seconds can be 5-10-15-20-25-30.

Default is 15 seconds, which I feel is too short i you have to get the phone out of a bag or deep pocket…

I have no idea if this will work on US GSM networks, but it's worth a try :-)

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Change the iPhone's conditional forwarding numbers
Authored by: protean on Sep 14, '07 08:23:29AM

Yes, that works here in the states as well, great tip! The syntax is a little different though.

*61*1234567890*11*nn# tap call

where "nn" is the time in seconds. I tried 30 and it worked.

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Change the iPhone's conditional forwarding numbers
Authored by: Mac112 on Sep 14, '07 10:23:38AM
Great to hear. A quick Google gave this page with all the GSM call handling codes:

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