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Create keywords on the fly in iPhoto '08 Apps
You don't need to use the Keyword window to add keywords in iPhoto 08. If you type a new keyword into the keyword field under a photo (make sure View » Keywords is set), it will be automatically added to the list of keywords (and becomes available in the pop-down list of guesses that shows up as you start typing in the keyword field).

So, by setting your view options to show keywords alone (not titles, etc.), you can Tab quickly between the keyword fields of a group of photos, adding new keywords as necessary, thus getting essentially the functionality of KeywordAssistant. (The only thing missing is the warning that you are adding a new keyword.)

[robg adds: Keywords are greatly improved in the new iPhoto (unlike, say, photocasts, which were summarily dropped). After you've created some keywords, you can make them even easier to use by creating quick entry keywords. Open the Keywords window (Window » Show Keywords), then drag your often-used keywords up into the Quick Group area. Once you've done that, you can assign keywords when browsing by simply typing the highlighted letter for the appropriate keyword in the Quick Group area. If the keyword has already been assigned to the photo, then typing its letter again will remove it. And yes, this behavior is documented, but just in case you haven't flipped through the manual yet...]
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Create keywords on the fly in iPhoto '08
Authored by: tjarrett on Aug 31, '07 07:30:12PM

I don't know that this will lose Keyword Assistant too many users, but it does weaken the case for it. For me, the three biggest advantages of Keyword Assistant are:

  1. Type ahead--enter just a few letters to get any of your keywords, not just the ones on a quick list
  2. Tag multiple photos at once with keywords
  3. Add multiple keywords to one or many photos, as quickly as you can type

I haven't checked out iPhoto '08 yet, but it sounds like the new keyword support, while a vast improvement over the giant pile of suck that was the previous keyword feature, still isn't built to scale for anyone adding more than a few photos at a time.

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Create keywords on the fly in iPhoto '08
Authored by: William McCallum on Sep 01, '07 02:16:00PM

The developer of Keyword Assistant has announced on his website that he won't be upgrading it to work with iPhoto 08 because he thinks it isn't necessary. It was my effort to understand this announcement that drove me to find this feature in the first place. KA is still better, but iPhoto '08 is now close. At any rate, you won't have a choice if you upgrade.

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Create keywords on the fly in iPhoto '08
Authored by: edmechem on May 26, '08 10:36:17PM
For a keyword enhancer that works with iPhoto 7, Keyword Manager looks pretty cool:

I haven't tried it yet, but from the description, it seems to have most of the features of Keyword Assistant.

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Create keywords on the fly in iPhoto '08
Authored by: sms on Sep 06, '07 01:15:58PM

Sad, I found KA also better than what iPhoto 08 does.

Another question: Does anyone know how to assign the same comments to more than one photo?


DonĀ“t drink and root!

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Create keywords on the fly in iPhoto '08
Authored by: peterpayne on Nov 17, '07 12:40:39AM

Any chance I can get more info on this? I can't seem to make this tab-able at all, and it's driving me crazy since I need to automate the importing of images, then find a way to assign titles, keywords and description. I've got the script adding one image at a time then assigning the title and description I want, but keywords are so structured it's hard to just use. So, how does one make the keyword fields reachable by tab?

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