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Disable the .Mac screen saver System
If you like to use the random screen saver option in the Desktop & Screen Saver System Preferences panel, you might find the .Mac screen saver somewhat annoying: unless you've configured slide shows in its Options panel, the default view is a bunch of Apple products fading in and out of your screen -- and when in random mode, the .Mac screen saver can appear at any time.

Someone on the Macworld forums asked about disabling it, and I thought of two possible solutions. First, you could go into the Options screen for the .Mac screen saver and uncheck the Public Slide Show option. This will cause the saver panel to show a message stating you need to pick at least one public show before using the .Mac screen saver. However, I don't know if this will prevent the .Mac screen saver from showing in the random rotation -- it's not an easy thing to test!

The second solution, and one that's guaranteed to work, is to remove the .Mac screen saver from the list. Screen savers are stored in the /System » Library » Screen Savers folder, but if you look there in the Finder, you won't see the .Mac saver listed. That's because its name starts with a period, which means the Finder believes it to be invisible.

So instead, quit System Preferences, open a Terminal, and execute these two commands, pressing Return after each and providing your admin password when asked:
$ cd "/System/Library/Screen Savers"
$ sudo mv .Mac.slideSaver .Mac.slideSaver.old
That's it; the .Mac screen saver is now disabled. To get it back in the future, just use these two commands:
$ cd "/System/Library/Screen Savers"
$ sudo mv .Mac.slideSaver.old .Mac.slideSaver
I did test this solution, and it works -- as one would expect, since we're just renaming a file.
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Disable the .Mac screen saver
Authored by: lihtox on Aug 23, '07 07:46:41AM

This tip worked for me, and also inspired me to get rid of the .Mac preference pane as well:

cd /System/Library/PreferencePanes
sudo mv Mac.prefPane Mac.prefPane.old

Now if only I could get rid of the iDisk menu item in the Finder....

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Disable the .Mac screen saver
Authored by: szedula on Aug 23, '07 01:31:00PM

Won't this:

> cd /System/Library/PreferencePanes
> sudo mv Mac.prefPane Mac.prefPane.old

break "Internet.prefPane"?

I see this line:

lrwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 12 Jun 22 09:48 Internet.prefPane -> Mac.prefPane

When using "ls -al" to show the contents of "/System/Library/PreferencePanes"

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Disable the .Mac screen saver
Authored by: Slinkwyde on Aug 23, '07 09:00:54AM

I could have sworn I read a tip just like this here a few years ago (note: I started actively using OS X with 10.1). I specifically remember the person saying that the period at the beginning as being clever. Maybe I read it on another site, but I'm pretty sure it was here.

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Disable the .Mac screen saver
Authored by: Slinkwyde on Aug 23, '07 09:03:41AM

Now that I think about it, it's also possible I read it in a MacWorld magazine.

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Improved Random Screensaver
Authored by: coprock on Aug 23, '07 10:47:58AM
I've been using RandomExtra for quite a while. It's a free random screensaver module that allows you to choose which of the installed screensavers you want to use including the ability to set priorities so that some are used more often than others.

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Re: Improved Random Screensaver
Authored by: ClassicUser on Aug 23, '07 01:37:51PM
Regarding RandomExtra:

That's an AWESOME reference, "coprock" - thank you. THIS is how such provisions should be handled: Via simple, very specific-purpose apps - rather than moving around Apple-installed files (which could result in problems down the road with future software updates).

Kudos on bringing it to everyone's attention.

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Disable the .Mac screen saver
Authored by: maxeem on Jun 16, '08 02:37:35PM

Another fairly quick way - once you know that .Mac is invisible - is to select all (apple-A) your screen saver files and move/copy them to a folder called Screen Saver, then delete the old Screen Saver folder in Library and move the newly created one in its place.

Mac OS may require you to verify an administrator password to modify the folder, if it is in System.

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Disable the .Mac screen saver
Authored by: maxeem on Jun 16, '08 02:43:49PM

I should make note that the folder will probably be called Screen Savers (plural) and not Screen Saver. Sorry.

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