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10.4: Another fix for Windows 2003 share mounting Network
Many users have problems mounting shares from Windows 2003 Servers from OS X Tiger (10.4 - 10.4.10) clients. The following solution has been tested in our enterprise where we have W2K3 servers, physical as well as virtual, and some within a SAN.

Problem: From the network view in OS X, we could browse to the servers, but when we tried to connect, we would get the Delete/Fix Alias error. When connecting from the Finder with Command-K (either with smb://servername, smb://ip.address, smb://servername.fqdn, cifs://servername, etc.), we would get the dreaded Error -36 and the Console would show:

mount_smbfs: session setup failed (extended security lookup2): syserr = Socket is not connected
mount_smbfs: could not login to server SERVERNAME: syserr = Socket is not connected

Using smbclient from the terminal would work fine.

Solution: After making sure that there are no Local or Domain policies interfering (NETBIOS, WINS, Kerberos, Firewalls, IRPStackSize problems, etc.), try the following.

On the server in question, in Control Panel » Network Connections, select the NIC, click on Properties, then on "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks," click on Properties and check the option for either Maximize Throughput for File Sharing or Maximize Throughput for Network Applications (depending on the use of the server). This changes the value of the REG-DWORD "Size" at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM » CurrentControlSetServices » lanmanserverparameters from 1 or 2 to 3. From the command line or Services.msc, restart the "Server" service or reboot the machine. Thanks to Joel Ayala for the expert Windows perspective.

[robg adds: We have a few more Windows 2003 hints in the system.]
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10.4: Another fix for Windows 2003 share mounting
Authored by: afragen on Aug 20, '07 11:21:28AM

Not that this has much to do with this hint but, I'm working on a perl script and I'd like to know what the 'mount' command returns for different people with SMB shares mounted. If anyone could email me the response or just post them here that would be great. What I'd like to see is the response in both a corporate-type network and on local home network. Thanks.

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10.4: Another fix for Windows 2003 share mounting
Authored by: giaguara on Aug 20, '07 11:31:48AM
That would work as long as you have access to edit anything on the server. But not always the login details for the share allow editing of the server.

When there is no access to modifying anything on server, cli is one working option.

smbclient //dns or ip/sharename -W workgroup -U loginname

just works, no matter if Finder gives errors or not.

Another solution is to use virtual machines .. so launching e.g. Fusion and XP or some version in Linux does the trick too. Ubuntu connects smooth as it should to the share, and if you need to copy files over, then just open another window with the Mac host relevant folders in it, and copy and paste or drag and drop. So any virtual machine that works bypasses the Finder limitation.

And in some case even Apple's workaround works, sending plaintext but not always.
Or editing smb.conf could do the trick... or deleting keychain items, or erase and install. Or then not.

I gave up. I have 6 macs only at work with this problem, always the same error and same lines in console, so it's all smbclient in terminal for months. Maybe, who knows, Finder will know what authentication it will use by 10.5 ... or maybe someone has a solution that fixes it even if you can't edit the Server settings. So far the gui option for me is really using Ubuntu in Fusion ..

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10.4: Another fix for Windows 2003 share mounting
Authored by: musox on Aug 20, '07 12:47:18PM
I know there are plenty of hints to get shares on Win 2003 Server. Sharity has helped me vs. trying to get my admin to fix server setups.


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10.4: Another fix for Windows 2003 share mounting
Authored by: rustin on Sep 04, '07 11:36:58PM

Can we hope for a proper kernel level smbfs implementation in 10.5? You'd think smb share compatibility would be a big priority for getting those to 'make the switch'.

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