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Create custom date and time formats in Numbers '08 Apps
Numbers '08 seems to have an overly limited list of date and time formats. I'm sure they're enough for most people, but my aesthetic sense demanded one that wasn't listed. It doesn't look like you can add other formats within the actual program, but there is a plist file you can edit. (I've also posted this on Apple's Discussions site.)

Quit Numbers if it's running, then control-click on the Numbers application icon and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. Type date into the Spotlight field in the Finder window, and click on the DateTimeFormats folder. Alternatively, drill down into Contents » Frameworks » SFUtility.framework » Versions » A » Resources » DateTimeFormats.

Control-click on en_US.plist (or your language's plist file) and click Duplicate to make a backup. (Just rename the backup if you damage something.) Open en_US.plist (or your language's plist file) with a property list editor. I use Property List Editor from the Apple Developer Tools, but I think Pref Setter is also easy to use. Expand AcceptedDateFormats and check if your desired format is there. If not, add a string key with the desired format. Open DisplayedDateFormats and add a string key in the format you want the date displayed.

Save the plist file and restart Numbers -- your desired date format should appear in the list of formatting choices. (This also works for time formats.)

[robg adds: If someone manages to find the counterpart to this hint for custom number formats, please submit it! I searched quite a bit, and didn't see anything that looked like it would work.]
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Create custom date and time formats in Numbers '08
Authored by: rob.daemon on Aug 15, '07 10:03:23AM

The same is true with Pages (for those of you who have to use MLA formatting and Pages doesn't support the European ("1 August 2007") date format):

Applications -> iWork '08 -> -> Frameworks-> SFUtility.framework -> Versions -> A -> Resources -> DateTimeFormats -> [language].plist

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Create custom date and time formats in Numbers '08
Authored by: expanderz on Aug 16, '07 08:23:15AM

Its great to know we can make those modifications.
I have one last change I would like to make but so far I can't find where to
change it.
In Pages, the default date for any template goes like this.
If I type the date (16/8/07) then press tab to continue, Pages automatically reformats the date to 16-Aug-07. How do I change that so it becomes the default? I checked the User/library/Preferences/iWorks .plist but can't see it anywhere...

Any help would be appreciated.


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Create custom date and time formats in Numbers '08
Authored by: palmer108 on Feb 22, '08 10:03:53AM

If you have your Region set to Canada in International > Formats, this tip won't work as is. You actually have to create duplicate plist and call it en_CA.plist. Then it works.


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Create custom date and time formats in Numbers '08
Authored by: dkarasev on Mar 14, '08 06:01:23AM

I want to add my 5 cents.
After installing an apple russian localization package to Numbers my prevousely added custom date format (yyyy-MM-dd) stop to work.
The fix is simple just copy en_US.plist file to new ru_RU.plist file

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tip for turkish locale
Authored by: bambam72 on Jul 22, '08 01:26:28PM

for turkish users, need to add items to : fallback-DMY.plist file.
turkish date is normaly DAY MONTH YEAR... like me, if you don't have tr_TR.plist file, just modify fallback-DMY.plist.
i added :
d MMMM yyyy
to "DisplayedDateFormats", this gives me :
9 ┼×ubat 2006 ( day MonthLongName Year )

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Create custom date and time formats in Numbers '08
Authored by: CJYetman on Jan 10, '09 08:54:35PM

Seems like it pulls whatever time and date formats are available based on your region setting in System Preferences>International>Formats

You can customize your time and date formats in System Preferences without mucking around in application packages and plist files. The change would be system wide as well, meaning you should see it in all apps that use it.

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Create custom date and time formats in Numbers '08
Authored by: bonzon on Feb 12, '09 03:15:09PM

It should be noted that the new iWork '09 package makes this hint obsolete.

Numbers '09 now offers a nice interface to define custom formats. You can even manage an unlimited number of favorite custom formats, for re-use across documents.

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