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Embed Numbers '08 spreadsheets into Pages '08 Apps
The first thing that hit me during the Apple iWork 08 intro was a simple question: can I use Number spreadsheets in Pages? The answer is yes! Simply copy and paste a Numbers spreadsheet right into Pages, and it retains its editability and look and feel. You don't get the steppers, sliders, and checkboxes, but it's a heck of a lot easier to make tables (and to make them look good) in Numbers than in Pages.

Now if we could link them to Numbers documents that would be even better. Maybe a future update...
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Embed Numbers '08 spreadsheets into Pages '08 | 6 comments | Create New Account
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Embed Numbers '08 spreadsheets into Pages '08
Authored by: vocaro on Aug 08, '07 10:01:32AM

I think it's a shame that Apple doesn't support LinkBack in iWork. That would solve a lot of the integration problems in Pages and Numbers, and also allow integration with non-Apple applications.

P.S. Grammar check: "it retains it's edibility" --> "it retains its edibility"

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Embed Numbers '08 spreadsheets into Pages '08
Authored by: seika7 on Aug 08, '07 10:21:23AM

edibility, huh? lol :)

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Embed Numbers '08 spreadsheets into Pages '08
Authored by: rb3 on Aug 08, '07 10:23:36AM

You mean like the System 7 publish and subscribe I used in 1992 and 1993? It's too bad Apple let so many of the good parts of the old Mac OS slip away.

512Ke, SE/30, 7500, PMG4/DualGig

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Not just grammar
Authored by: Krioni on Aug 08, '07 10:50:11AM

P.P.S. Word Check: "it retains its edibility" --> "it retains its editability"



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Authored by: Herve5 on Aug 15, '07 09:40:59AM

I know Intaglio has a Linkback plugin that works perfectly with Pages 3.0 ; does it work with the new release?
If this is so, the Linkback need is on the third-party software (true, here it would be on Numbers thus on Apple too :-/

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Embed Numbers '08 spreadsheets into Pages '08
Authored by: Kickaha on Aug 09, '07 08:35:11PM

Cool trick - copy and paste that now-table back *from* Pages *to* Numbers.

Boom - you get back all the widgets.

Even cooler - make a table in Pages. Populate it however you want. Now copy and paste *that* into Numbers.

Guess what - you get all the widgets.

Apple has, instead of creating a new data type for spreadsheets, simply used tables as the underlying data type - Numbers and Pages offer two different sets of controllers for the same model, for the geeks in the audience.

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