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View 'lost' iPhone IMAP mail folders iOS devices
Syncing your Mail accounts to your iPhone can burn you if you later tweak those settings on the iPhone. Specifically, if you are using IMAP for your mail, and if the locations of your Sent, Trash or Drafts change, you can end up with apparently missing mail. For example, you set your computer Mail app to file Sent mail into a mailbox on your computer, rather than on the IMAP server. However, on your iPhone, you set your Sent mail to be filed on the IMAP server. (This means you changed the settings to something different than to what was synced up in the first place.) I do this because I generate way too much mail to keep all of it on the server, but I want all of my iPhone sent mail available to my computer (which I then file away), but I don't want to have to CC myself for all mail.

If you are still syncing your Mail account in iTunes, this setting will revert each time you sync. So, if you manually change the location of your Sent mail on your iPhone, it all works -- until the next time you sync. Then your iPhone starts filing the mail in its internal memory. What's worse, if you change the setting back (to leaving Sent mail on the IMAP server), the local iPhone Sent mail folder is no longer accessible -- it just disappears. Never fear, though, it didn't go away, it's just not being shown.

The fix is a simple one. In your iPhone Settings » Mail » your account » Advanced, change the Mailbox Behaviors for each of the problematic mailboxes so that you are filing mail on your iPhone (not on the IMAP server). Now in the iPhone Mail app, you can get to the 'lost' folders. The corresponding IMAP versions of these folders should also be available to your iPhone mail. You can now move your email messages into the correct location (one-at-a-time, ugh). Once you are done, change your folder settings back on your iPhone.

As an aside, I have found the iPhone Settings app to be a bit buggy, so this may be voodoo, but it's worked for me: before changing any folder settings, exit all Mail folders in the iPhone Mail app first (so you are at the topmost view). In iTunes, make sure you disable syncing for that mail account. This will leave the settings on your iPhone intact.
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View 'lost' iPhone IMAP mail folders
Authored by: justinsail on Aug 02, '07 12:42:47PM

I read this post with interest because I've found something else weird about IMAP behavior with the iPhone. I have three accounts set up, all IMAP.

The "Default Account" (according to th eiPhoneMail preferences) has a new IMAP folder that was recently created called "INBOX" with "Drafts" and "Sent" inside it.

The weird thing is that I already have a drafts and sent folder that work great with Apple Mail (desktop) and usually works great with the iPhone. The weird thing is (and I JUST figured out this pattern) that when I send a message that began in another iphone application (like Notes or Photos) it uses this self-created Sent and Drafts folder... but when I begin the message from the iPhone Mail application it uses the correct versions. Very weird. It's not harmful because I can now see those new folders from AppleMail and move the messages into the correct sent folder with no problem, but I thought I'd share and see if anyone else has that same experience...

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View 'lost' iPhone IMAP mail folders
Authored by: msdt_jovic on Jan 09, '10 07:15:19AM

Dear Sirs....

I myself have a sent mail folder on my gmail imap accounts on my iphone but the sent mails seem to be going somewhere but not in it.

I tried following your instructions but I only seem to have the following choices in my advanced:

Mailbox Behaviours
Draft Mailbox - on my iphone
Deleted Mailbox - deleted messages

Incoming Settings
Use SSL - On
Authentication - Password
Impa Path prefix - blank
Server port 993

Am I dont anything wrong?

thanks.. for your help.

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View 'lost' iPhone IMAP mail folders
Authored by: zkvn on Apr 12, '10 01:23:14AM
my wife was having similar problems. i changed the Mailbox Behaviors as such:

change Drafts Mailbox from On My iPhone to On the Server.

make sure the Deleted Mailbox is also set to On the Server.

reset your iPhone by holding down the power for a few seconds, then after it shuts down, hold the power button again to turn it back on. this worked for us.

good luck!

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