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Create an ID tag wallpaper for your iPhone iOS devices
With every cell phone that I have owned, they have had a way to put your name on it -- either on the boot up screen or on the main screen (such as with Windows Mobile). But the iPhone doesn't have any way for someone to get the device back to you if it's lost or stolen. Sure, they can go through your phone book and call each contact on that list, but then how would you like getting a call from a stranger claiming to have a cell phone that you may or may not know who it belongs to?

The iPhone lets the user chose a .GIF or .JPG file and use it as your wallpaper (the screen you see when you first turn the iPhone on, and when you're making a call). It's easy to do and can help others (like the police) in getting your iPhone back to you safe and sound. Just add your personal info to any 320x480 image you'd like to use, and then set that as your wallpaper. Read on if you'd like more detailed instructions.

[robg adds: This is a good idea; I've edited Plasma Design's iPhone wallpaper collection to include some contact information. It won't help if the phone is stolen, but if an honest person happens to find it, maybe I'll get it back...]

Here are the step-by-step instructions:
  1. Open any graphic editing program.
  2. Start out with a new file. If prompted for the height and width of the file, set the height to 480 and the width to 320 (the length and width of the iPhone's screen).
  3. If prompted for a background color, use Black.
  4. Now type in your personal information.
  5. When finished, save the file as a .GIF or .JPG file.
  6. Open iPhoto.
  7. Import the ready made image into a Album called "iPhone".
  8. Connect your iPhone to the computer and then open iTunes.
  9. Sync your iPhoto library on to your iPhone. If you do not want to sync your entire iPhoto library onto your iPhone, go in to the iPhone section in iTunes and only select the iPhone Album.
  10. When the sync is done, go to your iPhone and tap Photos, select the library that holds the ID tag image, and select the ID Tag.
  11. Select the window/arrow icon in lower-left of the screen, and some options will pop-up. Choose Set as Wallpaper.
  12. You're done!
Now disconnect the iPhone and turn it off. Now, turning it on will show your ID tag image.
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Create an ID tag wallpaper for your iPhone
Authored by: mankoff on Jul 25, '07 08:09:00AM

The other approach with the addressbook is to enter the first entry with contact information and a note saying "Reward if returned". Make sure it is the first entry by starting it with a "_" or "AAA".


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Create an ID tag wallpaper for your iPhone
Authored by: DocMan on Jul 25, '07 08:29:31AM

It also wouldn't hurt to put a StuffBak sticker on your iPhone. If an honest person gets it, they can return it for the reward. If a dishonest person gets it, they won't know your name and address which might tempt them to come and take all the other valuable things from your home.


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Create an ID tag wallpaper for your iPhone
Authored by: Puppo on Jul 25, '07 11:59:18AM

Another thing you should do is have an "ICE" entry (it stands for In Case of Emergency) of your emergency contact person. Police and paramedics should look for an ICE entry in your cell phone. (Google: ICE cell phone)

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Create an ID tag wallpaper for your iPhone
Authored by: BoosterL on Jul 25, '07 01:27:42PM
I'd also recommend taking a close look at Trackitback - very effective!

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