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Free the iPhone from accessory mode 'lock' iOS devices
While this might only help a few...I have a Volvo iPod hookup in my car, and it works with my iPhone, but a screen titled "Accessory Attached" appears. In this mode, I am not able to navigate my iPhone's music. Instead, I am limited to the first 10 playlists on my phone.

Holding the Home button for six seconds releases the iPhone from the car's clutches, and I can now navigate through (while stopped) and play any song I want on my iPhone through my car's speakers.

I hope this trick not only helps other Volvo owners, but possibly others who have devices that are locked up on playback by their accessories.
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Free the iPhone from accessory mode 'lock'
Authored by: rgspb on Jul 23, '07 08:01:39AM

To me this sounds like you're circumventing the coolest part of a factory iPod connector. In my MINI Cooper, I plug in the iPod and it gives me a similar screen, don't remember exactly what it is. In this mode, I can control the iPod from my head unit or from the steering wheel controls. I have to setup 5 playlists in iTunes (MINI1, MINI2, etc). The MINI reads these as "disks" in a "cd changer", it automatically makes the "6th disk" all songs on the iPod. This gives me total control of the iPod from the steering wheel. Maybe the Volvo version doesn't do this, but it sounds like a similar situation.

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Free the iPhone from accessory mode 'lock'
Authored by: pwsloss on Jul 23, '07 03:50:51PM

Hint for Volvo doesn't seem to work with the '04 system -- playback and playlist selection works, but once the phone is connected to the head unit, it's locked in.
To make a call, pull over and unplug it.

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Free the iP* from accessory mode 'lock'
Authored by: laurion on Jul 23, '07 10:51:16AM

Alternatively, the iPod integration kit in your car may have a switch to change the mode. In my Toyota Matrix, the kit has two modes: one as described below, where the iPod blanks out and everything is controlled via the stereo, and one where all the controls on the iPod work (direct mode). In my case, I much prefer the direct mode, because it lets me easily select the exact podcast or music track that I want, using a UI that was built for it. Then again, different head units may offer useable UIs; mine doesn't.

So check the manual for your integration kit, there may be a dipswitch you can flip.

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Free the iPhone from accessory mode 'lock'
Authored by: brothma on Jul 24, '07 03:46:48AM

Thanks for the alternatives, but unfortunately, Volvo was actually criticized for it's neanderthal ipod interface. No switches, and no options to use anything other than the first 10 playlists. I am glad that there are better options.

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Free the iPhone from accessory mode 'lock'
Authored by: thundercross on Jan 16, '08 02:03:31PM

I have the same problem on my BMW Z4, I attach the iphone(1.1.2), then I have the accessory attached mode, but noting happends.

However it (1.1.1) version works perfectly with my BMW-iPod interface.

Please Help.


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Free the iPhone from accessory mode 'lock'
Authored by: dlarson90 on Feb 16, '08 08:14:56PM

this is great. works on 1.1.3 with my kenwood headunit and kenwood ipod interface. much easier to jump to a specific song or playlist. thanks for posting this.

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Free the iPhone from accessory mode 'lock'
Authored by: morganlele on May 13, '08 02:07:17PM