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Sync some Google Bookmarks with Safari Web Browsers
I like having machine spefiic bookmarks on each machine I work at (home, work, etc.), but also like having a common set available to each machine. I store my shared bookmarks in Google Bookmarks. I wrote an Automator workflow to download my Google Bookmarks and add them to the Safari bookmarks bar (but leave alone the bookmarks I already have there.) Safari automatically notices when its bookmarks file has been edited and automatically updates itself.

  • You must be logged into Google services (Gmail, etc.) in Safari to run the workflow.
  • The bookmarks are in submenus by label.
  • The script assumes that a ':' in a label is a hierarchy separator, so Art:Photography would put a Photography menu inside an Art menu inside the Gmarks menu.
  • If you label a Google Bookmark with multiple labels, it will show up in all the corresponding submenus.
  • The script includes adding a label for when it was last run (inside the menu), and an item that runs JavaScript to add the current page to your Google Bookmarks.
  • In addition to making a new Bookmarks file, the script makes a Bookmarks_no_google.plist file, so you can always go back to the bookmarks you had before running it.
  • Tested and working in both Safari 2 and 3.02 beta.
  • You may run into trouble if you move the Gmarks menu to other places in the bookmarks bar.
It's available as a disk image [16KB download] on my site.

[robg adds: I created a .zip version (8KB) of the workflow on the macosxhints server, in case the original ever vanishes (but that should be your first choice, in case the code ever changes. I haven't tested this, but you can open the workflow and look at the code yourself -- it includes a perl script that does most of the hard work.]
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Sync some Google Bookmarks with Safari
Authored by: chjabu on Jul 21, '07 04:58:53PM

An interesting idea, but I need a little direction on how to implement this workflow. ie, Where to install it, how does Safari know to run it automatically?

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Sync some Google Bookmarks with Safari
Authored by: swiney on Jul 26, '07 06:27:48AM

This doesn't work the way you're thinking.

An automator workflow is a document for the application Automator. You can put it anywhere on your hard drive. If you double-click it, it will pull up the automator application. Hit the "play" button, and off it goes to do its magic.

An easier way to use this... Load it in Automator and "Save As." When Saving, choose to save it as an Application, rather than a workflow. Now you have an application you can doubleclick, and off it goes (rather than loading Automator and pressing play, first.)

This still doesn't solve the issue you want... automatically running it. You could make the application version one of your login items. I'm sure there's other ways as well. Perhaps someone else will pipe in with suggestions.

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Sync some Google Bookmarks with Safari
Authored by: swiney on Jun 29, '08 12:28:59PM
Here's a newer version that should be happier on Leopard and doesn't insist you have "subfolders"

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Sync some Google Bookmarks with Safari
Authored by: sege on Dec 05, '08 01:51:09AM

I can't get this to work, it runs but it stops at 'cant read bookmarks'.
Using Safari 3.1.2 and Leopard.

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Sync some Google Bookmarks with Safari
Authored by: swiney on Feb 08, '09 07:22:12PM

Foxmarks now works with os-x safari... it's better supported than this script that I wrote.

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