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One possible fix for an iTunes -50 sync error Apps
While testing this hint last week, I ran into an odd issue: suddenly my iPod Video, iPod nano, and iPhone failed to sync -- they all would make it part way through the process, then iTunes would display an "Unable to sync: Error -50" message. After a bit of (relatively simple) troubleshooting, I figured out that it was a particular iPhoto album that was causing the problem. More specifically, it was the album I had created to test the hint.

I have no idea why this happened, as after deleting it and creating another (basically identical) album, everything worked as expected. If you're having an odd sync error on a device that used to work perfectly, check your recent iPhoto albums. This issue might be specific to something on my machine (I was having other iPhoto issues, too), but I'm running this as a hint just in case others might be similarly affected.
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One possible fix for an iTunes -50 sync error
Authored by: momerath on Jul 16, '07 09:45:33AM

I've had this problem, too. I can no longer select iPhoto as a source for my iPod, and I don't know which album is causing the problem! This irritates me.

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try xmllint
Authored by: dmackler on Jul 16, '07 10:15:35AM

Yeah, I had this problem more than a year ago (shortly after iPhoto 6 came out). I also noticed that the list of photo albums was either missing or incomplete in iTunes' list of albums, but generally okay in iMovies.

Suspecting corruption, and after wasting many hours, I finally ran xmllint on iPhoto's AlbumData.xml. It turns out that somehow the control-D character was embedded in some album names. I cleaned it up manually with BBEdit and then all was well again.

I have no idea how that happened, or what inspired me to try that route (other than desperation), but things have been fine since.


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One possible fix for an iTunes -50 sync error
Authored by: designbot on Jul 16, '07 12:25:55PM

I haven't seen the -50 error related to photos before, but I thought I should point out that iTunes 7.3.1 was recently released to address another issue with the error code -50, so everyone should make sure they're up to date before trying anything else.

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One possible fix for an iTunes -50 sync error
Authored by: Wally E on Jul 16, '07 01:18:36PM

I just saw this error yesterday after trying to sync my photos. I had narrowed it down to an iPhoto problem. I ended up erasing all my previous iPhoto libraries and creating a new one. This seemed to have solved the problem. Of course, there may be an easier way.

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One possible fix for an iTunes -50 sync error
Authored by: kevinolive on Sep 29, '07 11:14:06AM

I had this same problem (-50) error and really thought that I had screwed up my iPhone because of using AppTapp. I'm happy to find that wasn't the problem. I did an awful lot of things to try to remedy this and should've recognized that it wasn't a problem with the iPhone but iTunes or iPhoto.

It turned out that using xmllint uncovered a ctrl-Y embedded in the AlbumData.xml file. I used vi to remove the bad data, resaved the file into the iPhoto library and it started working again.

I suspect there was a sharing error that caused data corruption. My iPhone was syncing via iTunes at the same time I was importing/deleting photos from the iPhone. Of course, I'll never know if this is really what happened. It is possible that the AppTapp modifications had an effect but I think that's a slight possibility.

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One possible fix for an iTunes -50 sync error
Authored by: foges on Sep 16, '10 07:37:07AM

Fixed this problem by removing all periods "." in folder names of my photos. Works now!

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