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Use albums to adjust images in Aperture stacks Apps
When a new version of an image is created in Aperture, a stack is automatically made and the original made the pick. This behavior is a problem when the user intends to adjust that new version, especially if hundreds of images need adjustment, because the adjusted image is not the stack pick, and so will never be used for exporting, printing, or anything else.

To access the new versions and apply adjustments, create an album that holds the original and new versions. By working with the album and making the new versions the album picks in the stacks, adjustments can be performed and exports made with no extra work. In detail:

Select all the images in a project you want to adjust, then create all the new versions at once with Option-V -- and do not deselect the new versions! Control-click on one new version and select New From Selection » Album, then rename the Untitiled album to something else. Close all the stacks in the new album with Option-semicolon. Notice that the stack picks have a check mark to show they are the album pick. Apply adjustments to the images in the album, either one at a time or all at once with lift and stamp.

If you look at the stacks in the project, you will see that the picks are not adusted. To export or use the adjusted images, use the album. To export or use the original images, use the project. This workflow can be used for any number of versions and any number of images. Just create a new album each time.
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Use albums to adjust images in Aperture stacks
Authored by: Unsoluble on Jul 17, '07 01:27:21PM

Why not just make your adjusted versions the "picks" with Command-\ ? Then you don't have all these extra albums hanging around, and you can always export the masters with two clicks whenever you need them. Don't see the benefit of the proposed workflow...

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Here is why this is useful
Authored by: hamarkus on Jul 17, '07 03:14:50PM

This method becomes interesting when you have to create (and maintain) several sets of adjustments. Imagine you want to create b/w versions of a largish number of images but still maintain the coloured versions. It's easy to create versions and stamp the b/w adjustment onto them, but how do later select and export only the b/w versions?

B/w is just one of the most obvious adjustments one can think of. You might want to create an album with adjustments that optimize your images for the web and another with images optimized for printing. With this method you still keep all the versions together in stacks but yet have albums where when the stacks are collapsed you only see that album's version.

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Only for one stacck at a time
Authored by: bagelturf on Jul 17, '07 04:10:01PM

Command \ does work, but only for one stack at a time.

So that's 600 clicks and 600 command \ keypresses if you have 600 images to deal with. And people do, often.

And, as the other responder points out, keeping albums around is very very useful. They are very cheap in terms of disk space (a few k), and you can always go back to previous work and create variations or additions.

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Use albums to adjust images in Aperture stacks
Authored by: hamarkus on Mar 08, '08 02:36:44AM

Aperture 2 seems to have broken that behaviour. In the new album the stack/album pick is by default the same as in the project. You have to manually change it for each image (bummer). I intent to report this as a bug to Apple.

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