Make Wacom tablet settings apply system-wide

Jul 12, '07 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: _Gekko_

I have a Wacom Tablet, it's behaviour configured exactly the way I like it. When switching users, one must configure the behaviour on a per user basis. This is extremely annoying, especially with my childrens' restricted accounts. In restricted accounts, there is no way of opening the Wacom Tablet preferences, and thus they are set to default. One would actually have to remove the restrictions, log in with each account, change the prefs, log out, log back in and reset the restrictions, for each and every account.

I found it much easier to log in as root. I deleted all the Wacom preference files from all accounts (/User » Library » Preferences » com.wacom...), as well as the files inside /Library/Preferences/Tablet/. Then fire up the Wacom preference pane and set the preferences as you would like them to be. These settings will now applied system wide.

[robg adds: I would think you could do something similar by using sudo -s in Terminal open a root shell, then copy the preference files from one account to another, but I can't easily test that theory. Root is disabled by default, so if you're going to use this approach you'll have to enable it. There's a really old hint that talks about enabling root, but I haven't tested it in the last six years or so, as I've not had the need to enable root. If you enable root to do this, I would recommend disabling it again afterwards -- there are some comments about that in the linked hint.]

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