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Possibly use any headphones with the iPhone iOS devices
Like many, I was a bit upset over the iPhone's recessed headphone port; it seemingly made it impossible to use most existing headphones with the iPod. However, I was able to modify my headset's connector such that they now plug in perfectly. Basically, my headphone's connector had a small ring of plastic near the base; I snipped it off with a utility knife. This only took about a minute, and it seemed like a relatively safe modification. (Of course, my headphones have a replaceable cord, so if I messed up, I knew I could repair the damage.)

If you try this, you are proceeding at your own risk: any damage to your iPhone, your headphones, or your fingers is your fault, not mine. You have been warned. See the linked blog post for more details, including before and after photos.
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Possibly use any headphones with the iPhone
Authored by: Ksilebo on Jul 05, '07 08:52:19AM

Did a variation of this hint, and modified the extension cable that came with my Bose QC2s. Works great and I can use any headphone set now.

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Possibly use any headphones with the iPhone
Authored by: sfgecko on Jul 05, '07 12:29:48PM

Does anyone know WHY Apple chose to recess the headphone port? Just curious.

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Possibly use any headphones with the iPhone
Authored by: macavenger on Jul 05, '07 12:55:19PM

While I can't claim to know, my guess would be it is a limitation of where exactly on the logic board they were able to place the actual port- due to other things getting in the way, perhaps they were unable to place it as close to the edge of the device as would have been liked.

iMac FP 17" 800MHz OS X 10.4.x

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Possibly use any headphones with the iPhone
Authored by: sipatel on Jul 05, '07 03:26:14PM
If you look at the 3.5mm jack on the iPhone headset, and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, you'll find they are different. The iPhone's headset jack also has contacts inside for the microphone.

If you go to, you will see that the headset socket is on the backplate rather than on the mobo -- a flat cable then connects to the mobo. Here is what it says on ifixit:

Separating the front and back case

There's a headphone jack cable to disconnect before you can completely remove the back panel.

The headphone jack is recessed into the case, so most headphone jacks won't fit without an adapter (even if they're the right 1/8" plug).

Apple did this to reduce the strain on the narrow metal jack when you yank on the headphones. With this design, the hard plastic cable jacket absorbs most of the impact.

The headphones have a microphone built in, with a button that you pinch to answer a phone call.

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