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Stop Griffin iCurve laptop typing bounce Other Hardware
For all those people out there annoyed with their 'bouncy' Griffin iCurves, I discovered a great little way to dramatically reduce your Apple Mac laptops' bouncing away while you type or bump the table: Turn the iCurve upside down!

That means the curvy part faces the top, not the bottom. It will still sit at the same angle and still provide the same amount of grip.

[robg adds: It looks like Griffin has redesigned and renamed the iCurve; now it's the Griffin Elevator, and the curved base is gone. If someone else has an iCurve out there and can confirm or reject this tip's functionality, please post in the comments.]
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Stop Griffin iCurve laptop typing bounce
Authored by: aptmunich on Jul 09, '07 07:46:55AM

Well - it is a little less bouncy, but I'd still not want to type on the iCurve for extended periods of time...

Apple's wireless keyboard is a pretty great companion to the iCurve!

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Stop Griffin iCurve laptop typing bounce
Authored by: osxpounder on Jul 13, '07 09:17:24AM

I like wave keyboards, the kind that let my hands assume a more natural posture [the doctor recommended them, and they've been part of a successful set up that's helped avoid wrist and hand pain for years since].

On this site's forum, a smart user named CAlvarez clued me in on the Microsoft Natural Multimedia Wireless keyboard [what a long name]. As CAlvarez says, it works great with Macs [we get all the usual keys -- volume, mute, eject -- and then some], and the wireless part, well I could take it or leave it, it only works about a foot away from the receiver, but the keyboard's been fantastic with all Macs I've tried, incl. my MacBook Pro and an old G4.

It takes a USB port and needs power from it [meaning it needs a left port on my MBP], but it works fine through my powered USB hub, too.

It felt weird buying a Microsoft product for my Mac, but hey, there weren't a lot of choices, and CAlvarez was right about this one being the best choice for the money. I've since bought a wired version for my office Mac, too.

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Stop Griffin iCurve laptop typing bounce
Authored by: ShawnKing on Jul 09, '07 07:54:06AM

First of all, Griffin recommends you *not* type on your laptop while it sits on the iCurve (or the Elevator).

As to "still provide the same amount of grip", it most certainly does *not*.

When the iCurve is used properly, there are 4 silicon strips that "grip and hold" the *laptop* in place. When turned upside down, those strips are now on the bottom and the laptop is "free" to slide around on the upper arms of the iCurve. Not a good situation for a laptop to be in.

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Stop Griffin iCurve laptop typing bounce
Authored by: Peganthyrus on Jul 09, '07 09:32:55AM

I just don't type on it when it's sitting on the iCurve. Seriously. The laptop keyboard is for when I'm slouching in bed, or on the road; when the Powerbook's sitting on the iCurve, it's got an external keyboard plugged in.

The iCurve raises the screen to a comfortable viewing height; typing on the internal keyboard then becomes an ergonomic nightmare because it's so high. Use an external keyboard on the same desk the iCurve is on, and your arms will thank you!

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Stop Griffin iCurve laptop typing bounce
Authored by: mmulhern on Jul 10, '07 06:00:17PM

Golly Gosh! If you use the iCurve for something it wasn't designed for, of course it won't work properly.

The iCurve is for raising the laptop on a desk/table so that the screen is at a more comfortable viewing height and input is to be via an external keyboard & mouse.

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Stop Griffin iCurve laptop typing bounce
Authored by: sirhc55 on Jul 11, '07 02:45:36AM

Being a bit of an idiot, when my son gave me an i-curve I immediately proceeded to use it the wrong way round. After a time I realised my mistake and placed it the correct way. The bounce was awful, so I removed the silicon stickers and placed them on the bottom. It works a treat and, in a way, I'm glad I made the mistake in the first place.

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