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Use Google Toolbar as a simple Firefox form filler Web Browsers
This may be an obvious hint to power users, but I haven't seen it anywhere else so what the heck. Ever since I switched to Firefox, I've been missing Safari's quick and easy auto-fill feature. True, there are Firefox add-ons, but I've found them either to be buggy or way too complicated. All I want is a simple, no fuss, one-click form filler. Here's a way to get it.

Download Google Toolbar, which includes an auto-fill button. It also comes with several other functions that I didn't want and that take up a lot of screen space, especially on a laptop. To keep things nice and neat, go to View » Toolbars » Customize. Drag the Google autoFill button into your Firefox toolbar. Click Done. Go to View » Toolbars and uncheck Google Toolbar, which will hide it (except for the button you just moved).

Now set up auto-fill. Go to Tools » Add-Ons and click on the Google Toolbar for Firefox add-on. Go to Preferences » Features » AutoFill Settings. Fill in your info. The next time you come across a web form, the fields for name, address, etc., will automatically turn yellow, letting you know that they can be filled in with a single click. As I noted, this is a basic form filler -- it doesn't support multiple names and addresses. But I didn't need anything that complicated, and I suspect a lot of other people don't either.
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Privacy issues?
Authored by: Ilgaz on Jun 27, '07 08:07:55AM

Of course one may trust their private data (non SSL) to Google but it must be said: Google Toolbar autofill was something host based, I am hoping they have changed it.

I couldn't find needed, clear "No, we don't get your forms" on Google toolbar privacy pages.;

Google toolbar is the thing which made lots of privacy concerned users nuts about Google, I still think their policy was and still a mistake just like GMail.

If you ALREADY use Google toolbar, it is not an issue. If you just install Google toolbar to make browser do a thing it should already do (IMHO), it is a bit issue.

Hope nobody misunderstands it. Also, of course anything sent non encyripted to web (non SSL) is not private. :)

I just say you better read their privacy policies at;
before installing. The "Advanced" features and the privacy issues with them is the deal breaker for me.

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Use Google Toolbar as a simple Firefox form filler
Authored by: anspach222 on Jun 27, '07 08:14:57AM

This hint made my day!!

Like you said, moving from Safari to Firefox was great except, I did also miss my autofill. Being able to enter credit card info and password protect all of your personal info is also a HUGE plus. Thanks for posting.

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yes but in English only
Authored by: sd on Jun 27, '07 10:23:14AM

I do not know if it is a bug, but this feature is disabled in non English localizations.

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Use Google Toolbar as a simple Firefox form filler
Authored by: MattHerdon on Jun 27, '07 11:42:27AM
Have you tried Sxipper? It's a free Firefox add-on that does what you are looking for. Sxipper fills forms (with support for multiple addresses), provides single click login, and some other cool things too. It's easy to use and all your data is stored safely on your machine. -Matt, product manager,

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