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A fix for Safari 3 and lost quoted text in Mail replies Apps
Installing Safari 3 affects quotes in Apple Mail reply messages. If the original message has an attachment, the reply will not display the quoted text, only the name of the attachment appears. I haven't found a fix (other than uninstalling Safari 3), but there are a couple of workarounds. (There's a bit more discussion on this issue in this Apple Discussions thread.)

Here's my clunky workaround: In the original message, before replying, you need to highlight and copy the desired quoted text, then click the Reply button. In the new message, click under the part of the message "On date at time, sender wrote:" and then paste. If you want the quote to have the Mail quote line to the left, highlight the text you just pasted, then press Command-' (that's the single quote mark).

The second, more elegant, workaround requires a change to Mail's preferences: On the Composing tab, select Include selected text if any, otherwise include all in the 'When quoting text...' section of the panel. Once that's set, in the original message with the attachment, select all (Command-A) before clicking the Reply button. The new message window will then contain all the original text, but will not list the attachment.

[robg adds: I'm not seeing this behavior on my machine, and I think it's because the problem only affects HTML-formatted email (according to the Apple Discussions thread, at any rate). I use this hint to force all incoming email into plain text, so I never see any HTML email. I'm not certain, but setting the Composing tab's Message Format pop-up to Plain Text (which is how my machine is set up) might also avoid this bug, since the new message would then be composed in plain text mode.]
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Rated High for giving me the connection with Safari 3
Authored by: alexmathew on Jun 20, '07 08:32:15AM

I noticed the problem (yes, even with the default set to text, Rob) but I dismissed it since it was not too serious. Its easier to enable having all of the original text in the reply and then deleting what you dont need.

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Another Work-Around
Authored by: googoo on Jun 20, '07 10:02:04AM

I have been using a similar, but different workaround. Before replying choose View -> Message -> Plain Text Alternative (or press command-option-P). Then, your reply will quote the message text (without any formatting).


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A fix for Safari 3 and lost quoted text in Mail replies
Authored by: Sensei on Jun 20, '07 10:34:23AM

I also have HTML mail prevented and I noticed this behavior once. I can't reproduce it now, though. . .


Douglas Adams

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A fix for Safari 3 and lost quoted text in Mail replies
Authored by: frgough on Jun 20, '07 11:24:25AM

Safari 3 also whacks iChat causing delayed messaging and a constant: Error joining chat dialog.

Needless to say, Safari 3 is off my machine. I think Apple was one letter ahead in the alphabet when they called Safari 3 a beta.

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A fix for Safari 3 and lost quoted text in Mail replies
Authored by: BMarsh on Jun 21, '07 06:12:00AM

I've noticed big delays in displaying the quoted text in the reply, I didn't time it, but in the 10-20 second timeframe, on a MacPro

(first time I did a reply, when it came up blank and stayed blank after about 5 seconds, I closed the window thinking I'd accidentally selected a space or something, second try I just waited, and everything showed up eventually)

will have to do some more testing today

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Safari bugs now appear fixed
Authored by: BrentT on Jun 23, '07 06:22:37AM

It looks like the Safari 3.0.2b update has fixed the bug. The update seems to fix many other bugs including slow iChat messages and broken Widgets.

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