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Make Eclipse use larger fonts Apps
The first time I installed Eclipse on my MacBook, I found the default font size too small, especially fonts in the package browser -- they were smaller than what I had on my linux or Windows Eclipse installs. They were so small, I could not read them on my 13.3 inch screen.

Searching the web, I found many users have the same problem. Yesterday, when I was editing my eclipse.ini file, I found the problematic option that makes the fonts too small:
So, if you have the same problem, you can edit $ECLIPSE_HOME » » Contents » MacOS » eclipse.ini and remove the mentioned line of the options.
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Make Eclipse use larger fonts
Authored by: scot.mcphee on Jun 13, '07 05:13:40AM

Preferences * - General - Appearance - Colors And Fonts

* In Eclipse, Preferences is off the Windows menu, but cmd-, will open it on a Mac.

Select item you want to change colour and/or font for.

Select "Change" button.

Configure font.

I've never had to use any other font configuration in 6 years of using Eclipse on 3 platforms.

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Make Eclipse use larger fonts
Authored by: soheil on Jun 14, '07 08:46:06AM

Yes, you're right, I'm really agreed with you. But, I mean another issue using eclipse on the Mac.
The default behavior of SWT is choosing the system's default font size, and some eclipse users, e.g. me, like this behavior.
If you had any experience using the Eclipse on other platforms like M$ Windows and Linux, you would see that the default font size of your platform is used as the default font size of the Eclipse. I mean Eclipse looks like other apps on your PC.
But, the first time I install the eclipse on my new MacBook, I got that the font size used by Dialog, Trees (Side bars, and perspectives) and CTabFolder titles are really smaller than any other application on my Mac, as long as the Java Editor font size is OK.
I want to change the font size used by Eclipse and make it behave like any other application without changing some of the font size options. I want to make it obey the rules on my Mac.
Removing the option mentioned in the hint, make Eclipse behave like any other application on your Mac. And I really love this ;)

Soheil Hassas Yeganeh

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Make Eclipse use larger fonts
Authored by: Sprengmeister on Sep 16, '09 05:05:05AM
it's not possible to change the Eclipse GUI fonts (Package explorer...) from within Eclipse.
Instead, Eclipse adopts the OS default fonts. This is a problem especially in Mac OS X.

I've found this workaround though:

- download and install TinkerTool and open it
- in TinkerTool, switch to "Fonts"
- next to "Help tags", click on "Change..."
- select a different font style / size, make sure TinkerTool has adopted the
new setting
- close & restart Eclipse -> voilĂ !

see also: bug number 56558

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Make Eclipse use larger fonts
Authored by: drummerben04 on Mar 20, '12 06:31:06PM

Its very easy It took me a half an hour but I figured it out. Create a new project and class once you do this on the Mac RIGHT CLICK one of the text and a Pop up menu appears. Click PREFERENCES found at the bottom of the pop up menu. Once you do this you should see three option on the left hand side, click GENERAL and it will drop down now click APPEARANCES and click COLOR AND FONTS. Now you should see a BASIC FOLDER, click it and scroll down to TEXT FONT. Now you can change the font size and color and then save it and it will restart. hope I helped I'm new to this! :)

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