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Tell Firefox to restore tabs and windows on launch Web Browsers
Sometimes you need to quit Firefox, but you don't want to lose all of those open pages and tabs. How do you quit Firefox, relaunch it, and quickly get back to where you were? I've seen some hints that suggest force quitting Firefox or using extensions. But Firefox has this feature built in -- it's just not where you expect it, so many people don't know it exists.

On the Main tab of Firefox's Preferences, change the When Firefox starts pop-up to 'Show my windows and tabs from last time.' That's it. Now if you quit Firefox with open windows and tabs, those same windows and tabs will be reloaded the next time you launch Firefox again.

[robg adds: Yes, it's a hint on a documented feature, but I ran a quick iChat poll and nobody knew about this, so I figured it was worth sharing.]
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Tell Firefox to restore tabs and windows on launch
Authored by: Zali on Jun 11, '07 08:31:13PM
Sorry if this seems snarky, Rob, but I'm sure you could run an iChat poll in which no one knows that CTRL-click produces a contextual menu. That doesn't mean should publish such a data crumb, does it? I hope not.

There are many user-generated sites on which the information is pitched toward the lowest-common-denominator level of readership. I'm no info-snob, but I have always relied on as a valuable source of uncommon Mac knowledge; a place where we more experienced users don't have to wade through piles of remedial linkbait posts in search of a buried gem.

Lately, though, I've noticed a few of these doh! hints here and wondered WTF? When Firefox 2.0 was released, its new "session restore" feature was touted not only in Mozilla's release notes, but on virtually every blog that covered the 2.0 debut, and on many thousands of sites since. On top of that, the same function has been available for years via several excellent Firefox extensions.

There is an overwhelming number of data peddlers dedicated to serving the basic needs of hoi polloi. We who rely on your site for non-ubiquitous Mac info have very few dependable resources. Please don't let "social networking" (aka "iChat polls") determine the editorial direction and content level of the excellent!

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Tell Firefox to restore tabs and windows on launch
Authored by: Felix on Jun 12, '07 04:50:05AM
I've got to say, I agree with Zali. In this particular case, I've used the Firefox "feature" since I first installed it and reviewed the user-settable preferences (which is the first thing I always look at when opening a new/updated application). And I just asked two colleagues who use Firefox as their primary browser and they did know about it as well. Back to Zali's complaint, I think one of the things we have to keep in mind is now that Mac OS X Hints is being promoted in Macworld magazine via a column and prominent URL, and Rob is on the magazine staff, we're getting in influx of visitors/contributors who are probably a bit less sophisticated than in Hints' old days. So the content will have to take their needs into account. And that's not a bad thing.

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Tell Firefox to restore tabs and windows on launch
Authored by: useEvil on Jun 15, '07 06:35:34AM

Use the add-on "Session Manager", it does a much better job.

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