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Prevent SkyMACMate software from filling console.log Other Hardware
It is a pretty well known bug that those who use SkyMACMate to allow Skype to connect to regular phones have their hard drives fill up with gigabytes of data written to the console.log file by the SkMACMate software.

For a while, I kept Console open and cleared the log every other day or so. This sort of worked, but eventually the Mac's performance slow dramatically. I tried to configure an AppleScript to clear the log, with no success. Then one day, while just fiddling around, I launched Tiger Cache Cleaner (TCC) and told it to "Clean System Log Archives." I thought that if that if it cleared the console.log file, I could let TCC automatically do that every day.

What ends up happening is that, if the Console app is open, TCC does away with the log and the entry for the console.log file just displays "Log File Does not exist," and nothing gets written to it. I have let this run for several weeks now, with no ill effects -- SkyMACMate runs fine, my hard drive does not fill up, and the slowdown has stopped.

Seems like an inelegant workaround, but until SkyMACMate fixes their flaw, this seems to work.

[robg adds: I don't use SkyMACMate, so I can't confirm the log file issue, however it was raised by another macosxhints reader in the comments to this article.]
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Prevent SkyMACMate software from filling console.log
Authored by: dbs on Jun 07, '07 08:20:51AM

Can you just redirect its output to /dev/null when you launch it?

I.e., from the Terminal:

/Applications/ &> /dev/null

That will direct any output the program generates to /dev/null which will get rid of it.

This might be simpler, and won't get rid of any other logs.

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Prevent SkyMACMate software from filling console.log
Authored by: fracai on Jun 07, '07 09:37:33AM
"Clearing" the log file from doesn't affect the file on disk. It just clears the view in the Console.
A cleaner solution would monitor the log directory and truncate or delete files that grow too big. This could be set up with launchd and find.
something like the following will find all files in the standard log directory that are 10 MB or greater in size and delete them:
find /var/log -size +10M -type f -name "*.log" -delete

really you want to just truncate with "> log". deleting the file means nothing new will show up in the log. truncating with "> log" or "cat /dev/null > log" should cut the size of the file without breaking logging. I think.

I'm also not sure if MacOS X find includes support for the "-size +" format. the whole truncating part should be pretty easy using xargs, but I can't test anything right now.

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Prevent SkyMACMate software from filling console.log
Authored by: brett_x on Jun 07, '07 09:47:50AM

I'd be a bit careful of removing the console.log. Even if you don't use it ever, if other applications rely on it being there, you might get "unexpected results".

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