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How to use a Zydas wireless device on a Mac Laptop Macs
I recently purchased (on eBay) an "802.11G WiFi USB 2.0 Dongle 5 dBi Antenna 4 Mac PSP NDS," to use with a G3 clamshell iBook running 10.3.9. This dongle comes with the Zydas 1211 driver and software. I followed the directions carefully, but after installation, the Network System Preferences panel did not recognize the driver or the device.

After hours of troubleshooting, I downloaded the AirPort software, which was not on the clamshell, and this fixed the problem. This is not mentioned anywhere in the Zydas documentation.
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How to use a Zydas wireless device on a Mac
Authored by: Pedro Estarque on May 25, '07 10:05:16AM

I have one of those too. Nice to see I'm not the only one putting vintage hardware to good use.

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How to use a Zydas wireless device on a Mac
Authored by: wrewrite on May 26, '07 10:31:24AM
I'm posting from a clamshell iBook using a zydas (1211b) usb dongle too... but I'm using the ZyDas WLan driver, which sucks on a clamshell because the options screen doesn't fit on a 800x600 screen! Clunky slightly buggy software in general, that I'd like to get rid of, so thanks for the Airport tip, I'm going to try that. If you want to try out the zydas native driver, is dead, Atheros bought them and I can't find any working links, I guess a more involved search is necessary to find alternative drivers.

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How to use a Zydas wireless device on a Mac
Authored by: macmurph on May 27, '07 01:33:10PM
Information on Zydas drivers for OS X (ppc and intel versions!) is located on my OS X wireless driver wiki:

Please help me update and maintain the wiki!

Here is another relevant link:

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How to use a Zydas wireless device on a Mac
Authored by: walter_f on May 28, '07 08:24:31AM
Two different ZyDAS ZD1211 drivers for OS X are available here:

For the USB WLAN sticks using the Ralink chipset (such as the Asus WL-176g and the Gigabyte GN-WBKG) Mac OS X drivers can be found directly at RalinkTech:


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Zydas 1211b working on osx 10.4.10
Authored by: snick007 on Aug 26, '07 09:45:02AM
Just Installed Zydas 1211B on OS X 10.4.10-
Had to enable root login, then login as root, then installed the Version of the Driver.
Then Restart, disable root login, and enjoy your usb wifi.

I downloaded the driver from:
To enable or disable root login see:

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How to use a Zydas wireless device on a Mac
Authored by: jimpersonett on Sep 10, '07 04:40:27PM

Well I bought a ZyDAS stick for my AirPort equipped g-3 clamshell, both recently purchased off Ebay. The airport card works fine, but I am attempting to "dongle" the unit with a 20" satellite dish to enable the recipient to tag along onto weak neighborhood WiFi signal. (Its for a 72 yr senior citizen on extremely limited budget, & we will seek permission if I can identify the owner.)

I removed the Airport card and followed the Install guide carefully, but the connectivity is really STINKO. Worse than dialup. It will connect to some sites fine, like Google, Yahoo, etc, but some sites it just will not do, won't do jpeg files, and it is just 3 feet from the router. When ethernet cable is plugged in, it SINGS!

(Yeah, the limited clamshell 800 x 600 resolution makes for inability to view my entire setup page either)

Has anyone ever tried "dongle-ing" the airport card, i.e., hanging that little card up somewhere high for better reception? Is there a 6' or 8' cable that will accomodate that little card?? I've got a 20" cast-off satellite dish & the formula for optimal distancing.

thx jim

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How to use a Zydas wireless device on a Mac
Authored by: eingebildet on Mar 10, '08 07:31:01PM
I've used a Belkin F5D7050 v4 with my Pismo Powerbook running MacOS X 10.4.11 for a number of months now, and had occasional kernel panics, but nothing really serious.

Well, recently I was (hide your eyes) cooking up a Hackint0sh, and discovered someone had found a newer version of the ZyDas 1211B drivers and posted the info to a forum which I will leave unnamed to protect the innocent. The best thing is that said driver works with Leopard, Tiger, and is Universal Binary! It can be found at and is the item marked Version-4 for 10.4.8

Though it isn't named so up front, after the generically titled Zip file unzips, you're left with ZDA211MacUSB_install_4_5_9_0.dmg and I can vouch for its stability on both my 10.4.11-powered Pismo, as well as the aforementioned goodie of dubious legality. Have fun!

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How to use a Zydas wireless device on a Mac
Authored by: igadget on May 20, '08 02:08:56PM

I picked up the updated driver from softpedia. which is linked to the German site one., Had to log in as the system default account wasn't able to just authenticate a standard user. I didn't need to log in a s root under 10.3.9. Already had installed Airport. you just need to make sure that the dongle is not plugged in prior to doing the driver update. then reboot, then connect the dongle. I had good luck seeing remote AP's suggest that the user having troubles search for wifi-wok on google.

This version of the driver supports WPA(2) and WPA-PSK.
Still requires a 1024x768 screen otherwise you cannot click ok on the security config screen. Tab doesn't cycle the buttons.

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How to use a Zydas wireless device on a Mac
Authored by: midtoad on Dec 28, '09 10:57:18PM

I got a Zydas 1215 USB 2.0 WLAN dongle working in Snow Leopard. I got the Wi-Fire installer from and installed it (it installs drivers for the 1211 and the 1211Bmodel (aka 1215). You must use the supplied WiFire app to actually connect.

I had a lot of trouble getting it to work, with the app repeatedly failing to respond, with reboots required. Eventually I disabled WEP security on my ad-hoc connection to my Android phone running a tether app, and then connected right away!

MBP 15", Mini Core 2 Duo (as server)

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