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How to view smime.p7m email attachments Apps
From time to time, I receive email with an empty message body and an attachment named smime.p7m. How do you deal with these on a Mac? Such attachments are cryptographically signed messages, and possibly encrypted -- though encrypted messages may have a different extension. Signature verification or decrypting seem to be very hard on the Mac. However, the message is just probably just signed and not encrypted.

To view it on your Mac, drag the attachment to BBEdit. If it's signed and not encrypted, after a few garbage (binary) characters, the whole message text will be readable. I copy that text to the clipboard, go back to Eudora, make the message editable, and paste the plain text into the message for later reference. As an aside, does anyone know how to verify cryptologic signatures and/or decrypt these attachments?
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How to view smime.p7m email attachments
Authored by: marook on May 23, '07 08:38:12AM

Well, you could switch to - as it has no problems with signed messages.
At least, I have not have had any problems with it the last 1-2 years...
Maybe PGP signing is a problem? even signs / encrypts the message for you if you have a certificate in your keychain... :-)


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How to view smime.p7m email attachments
Authored by: ecovelli on May 23, '07 10:34:48AM
It is just a matter of adding the certificate and using any of the modern email clients. Here are instructions from MacTechnologies:

E-mail is many things, but, unfortunately, "safe" is not one of them.

There is an old saw that you should never send something in e-mail that you
would mind seeing on the front page of the New York Times, and that's as
true today as it was when e-mail first became popular in the 90's. E-mail
(and, in fact, all Internet traffic) travels through many servers between
your computer and its final destination, all belonging to strangers. And
while it's true that the sheer volume of e-mail that travels the 'net these
days is probably enough to keep yours safe even if someone does care enough
to snoop, I still wouldn't send a credit card number or the PIN for my ATM
card through e-mail.

This is a long-standing problem that has yet to be fully addressed by
standards, but there is a solution, albeit one that requires you and your
e-mail partner to take some steps. You can get a free digital certificate
that will allow you to digitally "sign" your e-mails and allow others to
send you encrypted e-mail. You can also send encrypted e-mail to anyone who
sends their certificate to you.

This all sounds more complicated than it is. Basically, the steps are to
sign up for a certificate, install that certificate (handled automatically
for you by the Mac), then start using it. If someone sends you their
certificate in e-mail, you simply have to tell your e-mail program to save
it (again, handled automatically if you use Mail, and requiring one step if
you use Entourage).

You can get a free certificate from a company called Thawte
( and can find the complete instructions (and what is
probably a better explanation than the one I just provided) here:


The direct page for the free e-mail certificate is here:


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How to view smime.p7m email attachments
Authored by: GaelicWizard on May 23, '07 10:36:02AM

This hint is nonsense. All mainstream e-mail applications will work with s/mime messages. As a previous commenter noted, works perfectly. Also, Thunderbird works, and Entourage works, and eudora works.

I suspect that the author of this hint was using Hotmail or something. This is not a Mac hint! Hotmail doesn't read s/mime messages on windows either! Use a real e-mail client!



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How to view smime.p7m email attachments
Authored by: geordie on May 23, '07 10:46:42AM
Since none of these comments actually deal with the issue that the person who posted the comment has but instead say that the problem couldn't possibly exist I will give an actual solution. Back in the old days before Entourage supported encrypted emails this is what I would do :
I have found that if you save a S/MIME e-mail message from Entourage you can open it in Mozilla to decrypt it. I have a mail rule for emails that contain smime attachments. The rule triggers an AppleScript to save the message and then open it in Mozilla. It is not the most elegant solution, but it works for the few signed e-mails I receive every month.

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How to view smime.p7m email attachments
Authored by: pepi on May 23, '07 04:07:47PM

Well, it also works that way if you are using Claris eMailer...

Sorry, but please move over Eudora. Even Microsoft Applications can handle S/MIME nowadays. I would still suggest to keep away from Microsoftware. Instead user the wonderful or Thunderbird!

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This is a Eudora problem
Authored by: fishtech on May 24, '07 06:46:32AM
This is simply a Eudora problem (which the OP mentioned he was using). Eudora does not support SMIME on OSX and afaik there is no Eudora Mac OSX plugin developed to do this.


There is no working S/MIME plugin available for current Eudora on MacOS X. Entrust's docs are pretty clear that they support up through Eudora 5.0.2 and MacOS 9. Sadly, Qualcomm's SDK for plugins also seems to be rather outdated for the Mac and seems to demand CodeWarrior. That reduces the audience for writing such a plugin, since the free dev tools for Mac OS X are perfectly suitable for that sort of work.

Eudora for Mac was neglected by Qualcomm from 2004 onwards, before they let it go completely. Perhaps it's time for the OP to update his mail client?


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This is a Eudora problem
Authored by: roundguy on May 24, '07 07:42:28AM

There is an Entrust plug-in for Eudora. We use it at work.

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How to view smime.p7m email attachments
Authored by: magir on May 24, '07 11:28:57PM

AFAIK the Entrust plugin is not available for private person, only companies can buy it.

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