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A workaround for a Firefox multi-monitor issue Web Browsers
I use Firefox on my laptop. When I'm at my desk, I have a second monitor plugged in. I've long been annoyed at how poorly Firefox handles multiple monitors. Specifically, if you do this...
  1. Unplug the second monitor.
  2. Start Firefox.
  3. Plug in the second monitor.
  4. Move your Firefox window to the second monitor.
  5. Type an m (or any other character -- I chose m because it will auto-complete to in the URL bar.
...then the auto-complete drop-down menu will appear on the edge of the first monitor, instead of directly underneath the URL bar in your Firefox window on the second monitor. Form field auto-complete drop-downs behave in the same bad manner.

This annoying behavior doesn't go away until you restart Firefox, which results in a loss of all of your open windows. This morning, I came up with a workaround to make this restart a little less annoying. Instead of quitting Firefox normally, Option-Control-click on Firefox in the Dock and choose Force Quit from the pop-up menu. Then restart Firefox. Firefox will believe that it crashed, and give you the option to restore your session with all of the windows and tabs you had open previously.

[robg adds: I think a more elegant solution would be to install one of the many available session saving extensions for Firefox. With something like Session Manager or SessionSaver .2 installed, you can have Firefox automatically reopen all windows and tabs that existed when you last quit the program. Note, however, that I haven't tested these solutions with the specific two-monitor problem listed here, but I think they should work fine.]
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A workaround for a Firefox multi-monitor issue
Authored by: leono on May 17, '07 08:10:34AM

Thanks, Rob! I've installed Session Manager, and it seems to meet the need quite nicely. It will also be useful for the many times I accidentally quit Firefox and lose all my open windows.

Comically, I used my force-quit trick after installing Session Manager so that I could enable the new extension without losing my session.

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A workaround for a Firefox multi-monitor issue
Authored by: on May 17, '07 08:27:23AM

Firefox can restore open tabs without extensions.

Select Preferences > Main (tab) > When Firefox Starts.... "Show my windows and tabs from last time" (drop down menu).

In Firefox for Mac anyway


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A workaround for a Firefox multi-monitor issue
Authored by: tomem on May 18, '07 04:40:55AM

Nice to know someone else has suffered. This happens every time one carries off a laptop and then returns to a second monitor setup. I've reported it as a bug to Firefox, but despite frequent updates, it doesn't seem to be fixed...

Crofton, MD

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Safari Session Saving
Authored by: paulpro on May 18, '07 06:37:45AM
For those who missed the earlier hint about session saving in Safari - the SIMBL plugin ForgetMeNot will recover your open windows and tabs after quitting or a crash.

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A workaround for a Firefox multi-monitor issue
Authored by: kholburn on May 19, '07 12:39:17PM
The Firefox extension TabMixPlus has a session manager as well as doing a number of other things I can't live without any more, like a separate loading bar in each tab, an indicator to let you know you haven't viewed a tab, ability to duplicate tabs and to reopen closed tabs and a huge number of other tab related options like forcing javascript popups to open in a new tab and many more.

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A workaround for a Firefox multi-monitor issue
Authored by: osxpounder on May 21, '07 11:12:08AM

I've been using Tab Mix Plus for so long, I can't remember how long it's been since I discovered it. It comes with Session Manager, and I've come to rely on it. Sometimes, rather than bookmark something I think I'll only be interested in short-term, I leave it in a tab when I quit Firefox, counting on it to be there when I restart ... even if I start Firefox on a different Mac [I work with 2, usually].

Meanwhile, I also signed up for the Google Browser Sync service, just to compare. It can't hold a candle to Session Manager. Firstly, it's not reliable; secondly, it stores its data on the network, not your machine, so: no network, no restored session. I still keep it installed, though -- too lazy to bother removing it.

I just upgraded to Firefox 2 this weekend and notice that F2 has some session manager-like features built in, but I haven't seen the prefs yet. I note there's no menu like Session Manager's....

About force-quitting Firefox to "crash" it so it restarts quickly with new Extensions installed: there's an extension for that, too! It's called "Restart Firefox".

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