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Auto-sync Windows XP's clock more often System
Even after trying this hint, I was still unable to get Windows XP to keep the right time. I could sync it over the internet using the Internet Time sync feature, which would fix it, but after a few hours, it would mysteriously go wrong again.

Then I found this page, which has some neat tips about adding new time servers, and (more importantly) making the automatic syncing more frequent. After changing the registry value (it mentions to a smaller value like 60; make sure you aren't in base Hexadecimal), and logging out or restarting, Windows will sync the time more frequently, correcting it when it goes wrong.

It's not the best solution, and the problem still occurs, but it shouldn't be noticeable anymore.

[robg adds: No, we won't regularly run Windows hints, but as noted on the linked tip, if they seem general enough and relate to the basic system, we will -- there are a fair number of Mac users who do run Windows on their Intel Macs, and this information can be of use to them. Note that we've only run a handful of such hints since the Intel Macs shipped, so there's no fear of the site's focus changing! :) ]
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Auto-sync Windows XP's clock more often
Authored by: Alrescha on May 11, '07 09:12:30AM

"so there's no fear of the site's focus changing..."

Of course there is. The last issue of Macworld I received was primarily about Windows. Unlike most issues, it was immediately relegated to bathroom reading.

The pendantic (like myself this morning) will point out that this isn't 'Mac Hints', but 'Mac OS X' hints.

curmudgeonly yours,

(who uses Windows every day, at work. And only at work... :-)

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Auto-sync Windows XP's clock more often
Authored by: bradleyd1971 on May 11, '07 11:09:21AM

And this hint deals with doing something in an application (Parallels or Boot Camp) that is run on "Mac OS X".

If you would have this site be purely OS X hints, then there should never be any hints about open firmware, hardware issues, iLife, iTunes, Safari, etc. since none of those are "Mac OS X" hints, but rather "Mac Hints".

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

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Auto-sync Windows XP's clock more often
Authored by: Slinkwyde on May 11, '07 01:34:08PM

First of all Bootcamp is really just a partitioner and BIOS-compatibility layer for EFI, and a collection of hardware drivers for Windows. You are rebooting the computer in its entirety into a different OS, and at that point OS X isn't running at all.

As for Parallels, a virtual machine mac app that lets you run an x86 OS in an app inside OS X, that is still no excuse. Let me put it this way: for a long time now there have been other emulators for the Mac such as various video game system emulators. Should we therefore have game cheats for Mario or whatever on here as well? Just because there's an emulator for running another platform does not justify having tips for the software that can be run in that other platform.

iLife and Safari are examples of Mac-only software from Apple. 'nuff said.

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Auto-sync Windows XP's clock more often
Authored by: bradleyd1971 on May 11, '07 06:29:02PM

So are you saying that if someone found a non-trivial hint for users of VMWare running on OS X that that hint shouldn't be allowed on an 'OS X Hints' site - despite the fact that it deals with an application that runs on OS X to extend it's capabilities.

It is attitudes like this and the incessant whining of "Oh no, don't discuss anything that isn't exclusively about or praising our precious OS X" any time Windows or Linux is mentioned, that causes most people to see Mac users as an arrogant, effete, group of individuals.

If hints like this don't help you, fine... don't read them. But this is a hint that applies to something that can be done in an application running on OS X, and may help other OS X users who were having a similar problem.

'nuff said (see I can be a sarcastic A** too)

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Auto-sync Windows XP's clock more often
Authored by: frogmella on May 11, '07 12:12:50PM

Rob, I love the site, but if you're going to start running Windoze hints on a regular basis, and make me wade through them to find the Mac stuff, I'm afraid your site will move from my Bookmarks Bar to the Bookmarks Menu - and probably a couple of levels deep...

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Auto-sync Windows XP's clock more often
Authored by: allanmarcus on May 11, '07 01:44:46PM

Geez, it now seems the every single thing in a mac OS X site is either about Windows or the iPod. I want to hear about Mac. I'm a Mac guy. blah blah blah.

One windows hint that affects Mac OS X user directly (those of us that use Boot Camp) does not signal that this site is now a Windows site. You don't have to wade through anything; 'Windows' was in the title of the hint. If you are not interested in anything Windows, skip the one hint in many (or almost all) that has Windows in the title.

Go whine on the Apple support discussion forum where you are supposed to! :-)


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Auto-sync Windows XP's clock more often
Authored by: network23 on May 14, '07 11:25:47AM

I see nothing wrong with Windows hints so long as they are/can be directly applicable to Mac users.

I have both OS X and XP boxes at home. My XP boxes are just that, and they keep perfect time (relatively), but my MBP is always getting the clock messed up when switching between OS X and XP, so this hint is perfectly appropriate.

Now I would start to question if a hint appeared about how to set more efficient energy saver settings in XP, or any hints that really *only* apply to Windows. This does not.

I appreciate the hint, keep it up!

Live and Direct, only from
Network 23

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