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How to set up the Xerox 4512N (network) printer Printers
It's possible to get the Xerox 4512N (networked) printer working in OS X. Here's how I did it...

Get the May 1997 PPD from the Xerox website by pretending you are a Windows user. The July 1997 version included in the Mac OS9/X package is buggy and won't work (and it isn't because of the Mac 9 line breaks; I tried fixing those). Just google for Xerox 4512N PPD to save yourself a lot of clicking around. Add a line to the PPD:
*manufacturer "Xerox"
Add this anywhere after the printer model, nickname, etc. Do a Get Info on the PPD, authenticate, and change owner to system and the group to admin. Gzip it if you like (like all the other PPDs). Do another Get Info, authenticate, and change owner to system, group to admin. Drop the .gz file or the PPD file into the top-level /Library » Printers » PPD » Content » Resources folder -- the English localisation folder whose path name I don't exactly remember, but is pretty obvious.

Run Printer Setup Utility, hit Add, and select IP printer, HP Jet Direct - Socket. Enter the printer's IP address appended with the :port number (default :10001). Change the printer name to PORT1 (if you try to enter this in the queue field, it will ignore it; so leave the queue field blank). Grab the "Print Using" pull-down tab and go down to Xerox and then select your gzipped PPD or PPD file. In the Options screen that comes up, select your installed options and installed printer RAM (default 4MB, but I installed 50MB in mine).

The printer will show up in the printer list as PORT1. You can probably view the Info screen in Printer Setup Utility and change the printer name to whatever you want, but I left mine as PORT1. The critical thing is that the port name remains PORT1. None of the other protocols will work (IPP, LP daemon, Advanced (hold down option when you hit More Printers): LPR/LPD, HTTP, even Sockets/HP). Some of them will connnect, but you get garbage or nothing out of the printer, and it will sometimes lock up the Xerox network card. Only the original screen's HP Direct - Socket works reliably.

Also, there seems to be something wrong with the printer's AppleTalk broadcast. The printer browser won't find the Xerox as an AppleTalk printer. And using the Advanced » AppleTalk PAP doesn't work ("Stopped" message as soon as you try to print). So you need to use it as an HP Jet Direct IP printer as described. You can telnet to the IP address to change printer parameters, such as IP number, port number, enable/disable AppleTalk, etc. The default username and password are sysadm. You can also use the printer front panel for some of that.

Curiously, in Windows, setting up a standard TCP/IP port as PORT1 in the Windows local printer wizard worked just fine (the 4512 print driver was alread included in my Win XP installation). So for once, the Mac was a much bigger hassle. This printer also has a parallel port and PCL emulation. So you might be able to use it with a USB-parallel adapter and a gimp driver in OS X.
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How to set up the Xerox 4512N (network) printer
Authored by: DonColore on Jul 12, '07 06:24:08PM

I use a Xerox N17, which is the successor of the 4512N.
Just use the Xerox DP N2125 driver, which comes with Mac OS X 10.4.xx. No problems so far.

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