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Another way of working with multiple iWeb sites Apps
iWeb is a cool little program, but man, what a pain to manage multiple sites! I loved iWeb until I found I couldn't load and save different site projects. So, after a little poking around, I found out a way. Now there are programs out there that will do what I am going to outline. However, this method is completely free and requires no software.

iWeb stores all your sites in a file called Domain, located in your user's Library » Application Support » iWeb folder. First thing: Pick a location for all your iWeb projects to reside. For this example, I chose the Sites folder in my user's folder. Drag the file Domain to that location. Double-click on Domain, and you should be in business. When you want to start a new web site, rename Domain to any name. Launch iWeb. It will come up with the 'Choose an iWeb Domain file' dialog. Click on Create Domain, and you will have the Save dialog box pop up. Choose the location of your web site, i.e. ~/Sites in this example.

iWeb will launch with a fresh, new project. Now comes the tricky part. Any time you want to edit a different web site, you need to rename that site as Domain. When you launch iWeb and don't have a file named Domain, iWeb will ask you to 'Choose an iWeb Domain file.' If you select Choose Domain as the option, whatever Domain file you select will be the default from that point on. So don't pick Choose Domain; always pick Create Domain instead.

So, why is this knowledge so important? Say you're at your buddy's house or the Apple Store, and you decide you want to create a quick web site. Now you can do so in iWeb, zip it up, and then take it home with you. Delete your web site, and put that Mac back the way it was. By the way, you can work in your user's Library » Application Support » iWeb location for quick new sites. I don't do so on my Mac, because it's a pain to get there and I'm lazy. Enjoy iWeb the way it should be...
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Another way of working with multiple iWeb sites
Authored by: jcbeckman on May 01, '07 08:09:06AM
You don't need to rename the file - just organize them in separate folders. Then double-click the one you want to use, and that will be the "default" until you double click another. See this Apple doc about it.

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Another way of working with multiple iWeb sites
Authored by: mankoff on May 01, '07 08:20:18AM

You state the only criteria is that it is called "Domain", not where it resides. You like to store it in ~/Sites/Domain, but why not just do ~/Sites/Site0/Domain and ~/Sites/Site1/Domain and ~/Sites/SomeOtherSite/Domain and open them. Now you don't need to rename anything... Would this work?


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Another way of working with multiple iWeb sites
Authored by: Old Toad on May 01, '07 09:18:20AM
For working at home with multiple sites I use iWebSites to manage multiple sites.. It lets me create multiple sites and multiple domain files. If you have multiple sites in one domain file here's the workflow I used to split them into individual site files with iWebSites. Be sure to make a backup copy of your Domain.sites files before starting the splitting process. This lets me edit several sites and only republish the one I want. When you use iWebSites to always open a site, all the name switching is done automatically for you.

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Another way of working with multiple iWeb sites
Authored by: Elden on Mar 02, '08 12:01:09AM

Renaming and copying files works though, after a while, this got tedious so I wrote Multisite for iWeb to manage sites in a more Mac-like way. While it's shareware many people have found Multisite fits the way they want to work since it includes built in help, has an online FAQ, and is actively supported when things change like Leopard or iLife '08 being released. Another benefit of having a utility is not having to focus on managing domain files.

When working with Domain files or using Multisite the topic of separating sites out of a single domain file is a common issue and we've also written an FAQ entry to walk people through that as they use Multisite.

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