Set GIMP's language to English on non-English systems

May 02, '07 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: emfdb

I have always found it annoying to have GIMP (as an OS X app package) in my own language with translated function and menu names, while all the tutorials and image manipulation manuals around are in English. I am not sure whether there are other solutions to this problem, but I could not find many. I did find this script...

do shell script "LANGUAGE=en /Applications/"
...that actually works, but in this way, I need one icon on the Dock to start The Gimp and another one for the application itself -- in case I need to drag and drop a file. That's a bit too much for me. All right, maybe I could have written another script to open either the application in English or the dragged and dropped file. Instead, I found another solution.

More simply, I dug into The Gimp's package, and moved the locale folder (found in Contents » Resources » share). I created a new folder, at the same level as Resources, named Resources Disabled, and dragged locale into that folder. This way, I can get the other languages back if I need them. The application now is running smoothly, in English. And one icon in the Dock is enough for either launch or launch via drag-n-drop.

[robg adds: The Get Info method of disabling languages won't work for GIMP, because (I think) it doesn't use the OS X structure for multiple language support. Only English appears in the Get Info box.]

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