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Foreign language podcasts and iTunes stores iPod
I studied a handful of foreign languages in school, and I like to exercise them a little from time to time, even if I'm firmly ensconced in the monolingual desert of the USA. Podcasts are an excellent way to do this, and of course the iTunes store's podcast directory is a very easy way to get podcasts. However, the number of foreign langage podcasts there is rather limited.

Some time ago I visited some foreign iTunes stores, and tried to get some music from them, but this failed because apparently only people with credit cards issued in the locale of any given iTunes store can buy things there. But wait (I pondered) -- almost all podcasts are free! Credit cards won't even come into play. And yes, in fact, you can go to a foreign iTunes store and download as many podcasts as you like, exactly as you would on the US iTunes store, complete with auto updates.

So, if you want to extend your podcast listening and/or viewing to some new sources, I suggest that you go down to the bottom of the main iTunes store page where the store selector menu is, and try out some of the foreign stores. You won't be able to buy their music, but you can definitely check out their podcasts. (And if you are reading this from someplace other than the USA, then just substitute the name of your locale into the above; the hint should still apply.)
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Foreign language podcasts and iTunes stores
Authored by: proinsias on Apr 20, '07 10:23:02AM

Thanks for the hint! I'm originally from Ireland, so I was very interested to see what were the top Irish podcasts. I found a few that I would never have come across on the US iTunes site. So this tip works for native English speakers too!

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Foreign language podcasts and iTunes stores
Authored by: oliverlangan on Apr 21, '07 12:03:12PM
It is probably worth noting that you can purchase songs on foreign language sites by using prepaid cards, which are often available through third parties online. For example, I have purchase tracks from iTunes Japan using one of these cards [].

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Foreign language podcasts and iTunes stores
Authored by: learning_bird on Apr 24, '07 07:56:21AM

Is it possible to use these prepaid cards to download the US store free songs? Can I buy from Europe a gift card directly from US Apple's online store or should I use one of these third-party sites like for Japan? Any links?

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Foreign language podcasts and iTunes stores
Authored by: peterpayne on May 01, '07 10:52:10PM
(Sorry for the shameless plug, it's not my intention)

Hi, we are, I believe, the primary supplier of the Japan iTunes cards. See them here: . Let me know if you have any questions.

We even have a few customers on the Cupertino campus who buy them from us. ^_^

The article on the Japanese iTunes cards was totally about us, but I wish they'd named us. We got slashdotted enough as it was, I guess.

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Foreign language podcasts and iTunes stores
Authored by: zkarj on Apr 22, '07 06:29:58PM

Errm. Been under any rocks lately?

I thought it a widely known fact that iTunes stores were restricted to their own locales. Why else is Apple opening up all the stores? Try frequenting if you're interested in iTunes or iPod.

And as for the USA being a 'mono-linguistic desert', I think you'll find the desert is of your own making. I know for a fact that Spanish is prevalent and I would wager there are plenty of other languages spoken too. Perhaps just not the classical European languages.

Sorry to pick on your tip, but I feel obliged to enlighten as many people as possible that the internet is a global phenomenon.

No, I am not American.

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Foreign language podcasts and iTunes stores
Authored by: gshenaut on Apr 22, '07 08:55:09PM

Hi zkari.

The point of this hint was that in spite of the well-known policy that prevents people from buying songs from iTunes stores in other locales, it is possible to access their podcasts, which don't require use of a credit card.

Greg Shenaut

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Not an auspicious beginning
Authored by: SuperCrisp on Apr 23, '07 08:03:44AM

This looks like your first comment. Despite how much you can see from up on your high horse there, it'd be much more useful for this community to make productive comments, rather than snarky ones that nitpick some little point in the guy's post that aren't related to the content. It may make you feel better for a moment, but you might end up embarrassed for far longer. Take it from someone who sometimes opens his big mouth from atop a similarly tall mount.

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