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Automount Windows Samba shares over Novell Network
There are many hints and Forum discussions about automounting Samba shares, but none seemed to work over our Novell network. Just doing Connect to Server or the equivalent "mount volume" are insufficient -- the share must be mounted to a defined mount point. The following AppleScript solved our problems:

tell application "Finder"
    make new folder at alias "Macintosh HD:Volumes:" with properties {name:"share"}
  end try
end tell

do shell script "mount_smbfs -I ip_address -W WORKGROUP -U userid //server_name/share /Volumes/share"

  tell application "Finder" to quit
end try

delay 2

tell application "Finder" to activate

Replace Macintosh HD, ip_address, WORKGROUP, server_name, userid, and share with the appropriate values. First, the script tries to create the needed mount points. If the folders exist, the try will silently fail. (OS X will erase these folders if the servers are unmounted, so you need to check each time before mounting.)

Next, the do shell script runs the command-line executable without opening Terminal. When the system prompts for a password, it's a Finder dialog. Clicking "Remember this password in my keychain" before typing in the password (and clicking OK) will bypass the dialog on future logins. Finally, the Finder needs to be restarted before it will recognize the mounted drives. Apparently a slight delay is needed between the quit and restart commands.

If you save the AppleScript as an application (preferably in ~/Library » Scripts), you can add it to your Login Items (found under System Preferences » Account), and the script will run every time the user restarts or logs in.
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Automount Windows Samba shares over Novell
Authored by: mflender on Apr 04, '07 06:44:47PM

Nice hint, but I have to ask a question. Why wouldn't you use Native File Access Protocol for AFP instead of NFAP for SMB? It comes with Netware 6 and newer. under 6.5 and newer it runs very well. I think the server command is
load afptcp
After that you can use Connect to server or script it, etc. You may need to add the contexts via \\server\sys\etc\ctxs.cfg. If you don't add the contexts to this you may need to add them to the end of the username at login. Example: mflender needs to be mflender.coe.facstaff to successfully login. But if youstart AFP on the Novell server and add the contexts, your Mac users will love you. If your Novell admin can't help with this, they don't know Novell or they are intentionally making your life hard. Either way, it's inexcusable.

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Automount Windows Samba shares over Novell
Authored by: comboprime on Apr 05, '07 10:42:53AM

I'm an end user, not in the IT dept, but they tell me AFP is running on the servers and the contexts are there. Neither AFP nor SMB "Connect to Server" works on Macs running 10.4--both work on Macs running 10.3.

Both Novell and Apple have been contacted and, while neither can say what the problem is, both point the finger at the other. If one or the other can offer a fix, great. In the meantime, this workaround script is fairly painless.

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