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iSync and internet modem use for the Nokia N93 / N93i Phones
Here are some simple instructions to get the Nokia N93 or N93i working with iSync 2.3 in Mac OS 10.4. (Other iSync versions might work, if they have SyncML, but I haven't tested them.)

First download this .zip file for the Nokia N93, and this one for the Nokia N93i. (For the paranoid: you can simply unzip it and look at its contents in your text editor. It consists only of configuration text files and some small graphics). Now follow these instructions...
  1. Select the following maroon text and then pressing Command-C:


  2. Open the finder. Press Command-Shift-G (that is the Go » Go to Folder keyboard shortcut). Paste what you copied in step two into the dialog box.
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded .zip file into the folder that is opened in step two.
  4. Unzip the .zip archive by double clicking on it. You should then have a folder named Nokia-N93.phoneplugin (or Nokia-N93i.phoneplugin if you downloaded the second file). You should then put the original archive into the trash, or somewhere else for backup, as you won't need it anymore.
Now you will be able to add the Nokia N93/N93i like any other Bluetooth device. It would be perhaps wise to remove any older Bluetooth pairings which might cause conflict. Also, you will have to select the option Always Allow Connection on the Nokia for the Mac to connect without intervention from your part in the future. (see on the phone: Settings » Connections/security » Bluetooth).

Note that this solution syncs directly using the MLsync. It won't need the small Apple application iSync Config. Another plus is that you have a little icon on the phone telling you when it is synchronizing. Not to mention that it won't lock the phone up like the iSync Config application does (this small application was necessary in some other hints concerning Nokia phones). I also included a nice icon for iSync.

Some tips for using the Nokia N93 as a Bluetooth modem:

Download these scripts and put them in the folder /Library » Modem Scripts. When you configure the device, just use the Nokia 3G CID1 or Nokia 3G CID2 script. You then just configure the Internet Connect application according to your provider. Hope it is useful for you, it works perfect here! If more assistance needed, I hope I can help.
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iSync and internet modem use for the Nokia N93 / N93i | 2 comments | Create New Account
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iSync and internet modem use for the Nokia N93 / N93i
Authored by: JoolsG4 on Mar 21, '07 03:39:29PM

It is REALLY not advisable or necessary to put iSync Plugins INSIDE the iSync application. They'll get overwritten everytime iSync is re-installed or updated.

iSync Phone Plugins should live in the 'Library' folder, in a folder called 'PhonePlugins'. You'll most likely have to create this folder if you haven't previously installed any Phone Plugins.

iSync automatically loads any plugins from this location.

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iSync and internet modem use for the Nokia N93 / N93i
Authored by: Bramantip on Mar 22, '07 04:27:48AM

I would tend to agree with you - however I was thinking the following:

1. If and when iSync is updated, this solution may or may not work, therefore if it gets overwritten it would be better to test it again before installing it.

2. If and when iSync is updated, there might be an official Apple plugin, which one would prefer to use instead of this modest hack - in which case the overwriting of the file is not a bad thing, but preferable.

So, I was thinking of the average joe-user - though certainly in general one should put these kind of things in the Library folder. With that I agree with you 100%.

So perhaps the moderator can modify the original hint to put the plugin in the Library folder?

Cheers !

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