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10.4: Improve the look of Parallels' Coherence Mode Apps
Here's an easy fix to a very minor problem. Parallels' Coherence mode seems to work, at least on a basic level, by making the Windows OS's background image and other items invisible, showing only the application windows which exist atop it.

This works very well in many circumstances, but when dragging windows around your Mac desktop, you may momentarily see a part of your Windows background image flicker on screen, trailing the window as you drag it. Here's a simple solution that works wonderfully, having entirely eliminated the issue for me: simply use the same background image for your Windows environment as you use for your Mac!

[robg adds: Try as I might, I just couldn't see these ghosts with the latest final release of Parallels (build 3186). However, the author is still seeing the ghosts with the final build, so I thought it worth sharing his fix.]
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10.4: Improve the look of Parallels' Coherence Mode | 7 comments | Create New Account
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10.4: Improve the look of Parallels' Coherence Mode
Authored by: adrianm on Mar 02, '07 09:02:53AM

I still get ghosting with 3186, and my MacPro is no slouch.

It's especially noticeably when you move windows over parts of the desktop occupied by icons (over on the left usually).

You can reduce that by not keeping icons on the Windows desktop, of course.

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any way to de-focus windows when switching to the mac?
Authored by: Herve5 on Mar 02, '07 09:55:52AM

The only thing that worries me in Coherence mode is, when I switch from win to the mac e. g. by selecting a mac window, the frontmost windows window (!) stays thinking it's frontmost so I find myself with two frontmost windows at a time, one in windows and one in the mac.

Is there a trick that would "tell" windows, or Parallels, that the windows application has lost focus when switching outside Parallels?


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10.4: Improve the look of Parallels' Coherence Mode
Authored by: sdrubbins on Mar 02, '07 10:14:27AM

Unfortunately this does not exactly work. The resolution of the Windows screen under Coherence is slightly different from the resolution of the OS X screen; the Windows screen excludes the Mac menu bar. So any images on the Windows desktop will be shifted a few pixels down from where it is on the Mac, and you still might notice some of the 'ghosting.'

The solution is to use a uniform desktop background... but the problem with that is, it's boring.

Ultimately it depends on what you're comfortable with: suffering with a uniform background, or suffering some very minor ghosting.

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10.4: Improve the look of Parallels' Coherence Mode
Authored by: semiotek on Mar 02, '07 10:40:18AM

My solution is to make the Windows background the same colour as the Windows windows' borders…

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10.4: Improve the look of Parallels' Coherence Mode
Authored by: jschober on Mar 02, '07 12:02:16PM

I've achieved significantly better redraws when moving Windows windows in Coherence mode by reconfiguring Windows to not show window contents when dragging. (Start>Settings>Control Panel>Display>Appearance>Effects>Uncheck "Show window contents while dragging") If you do this, dragging Windows windows only shows the window outline, so it doesn't keep trying to redraw what's underneath the window, so you get much less redraw flicker.

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10.4: Improve the look of Parallels' Coherence Mode
Authored by: Welles Goodrich on Mar 02, '07 05:49:52PM

Hah! This is the tip I'm going to use. Thanks for posting it.

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Authored by: SeanAhern on Mar 08, '07 07:32:49AM

Having the same background image, even if you could align them exactly, just doesn't work. The problem has to do with the interleaving of windows. If I have a Coherence window above, say, a Firefox window (in OS X), and I move the Coherence window, the Windows background will be drawn in the empty space vacated by the Coherence window. But that empty space is ON TOP of the Firefox window. So the illusion is still broken.

Did that make any sense?

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