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Replace the aging standard Apache icons UNIX
I've often searched for a replacement for the standard icons that come with Apache. The default icons date back to Mosaic for X, and have been included in the NCSA httpd and Apache server distributions. These continue to be distributed with even the latest versions of Apache. I haven't found any publicly available replacements for these icons, so I decided to build my own.

I didn't reinvent the world here, I just modernized the standard set. The task of creating a whole new representational logic was too great a task for my purposes. Furthermore, the prevalence of these icons makes them easily understood. All icons maintain their original sizes, so they can be used as a drop in replacement.

On OS X, the standard installation location is /usr/share/httpd/icons. This directory is referenced by a global directive in the httpd.conf file. This includes an alias for /icons/ that is resolved for every domain being served. On OS X, this directory is owned by the system (root) with the group ownership belonging to wheel. It is best to follow the same permission model when replacing these files.

Back up the current icons with the following commands:
$ cd /usr/share/httpd
$ mv icons icons.bk
Now download the icon set (here's a preview). Expand the icon set by double-clicking, and then copy to the appropriate location and set thge correct permissions:
$ sudo mv /path/to/downloaded/icons /usr/share/httpd/icons
$ sudo chown -R root:wheel /usr/share/httpd/icons
$ sudo chmod -R 644 /usr/share/httpd/icons
$ sudo chmod 755 /usr/share/httpd/icons
$ sudo chmod 755 /usr/share/httpd/icons/small
The first step simply copies the icons directory to the appropriate location. The second step recursively changes the owner and group for all items in /usr/share/httpd/icons. The next command, sudo chmod -R 644 /usr/share/httpd/icons, changes the permissions to read/write for the owner, and read only for all others, and the -R flag indicates to perform the command recursively. This is the quick way to modify all of the documents. The final commands correct the permissions on the directories, by enabling the execution bit which is required for users to access these directories.

To remove the default header on fancy indexes, place a file named HEADER.html in each directory you want indexed. This should contain html without the closing </body> and </html> markers. If you want this to be global, you can modify your httpd.conf file. Simply search for the line containing HeaderName HEADER.html and set the HEADER.html to /icons/header.html, and place a header.html file in the icons directory.
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Thanks, Matt!
Authored by: digitalcowboy on Feb 22, '07 08:48:25AM
This is a solution to a problem I didn't even know I had! I never gave it any thought until now but those Apache icons are old and ugly. Yours look great. Now I have something else to add to the checklist when setting up a new server.

If it weren't for RSS, Growl and you meddling kids, I could be getting work done on a woefully behind client project that's nearing deadline. Instead, I'm making the client's Apache icons pretty!

(That's tongue in cheek. My thanks is sincere. Your icons are a huge improvement. I'll be using them on all my servers from now on.)


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Replace the aging standard Apache icons
Authored by: jspivack on Feb 22, '07 08:52:16AM

For those who are curious, I believe I found a screen shot of the original icons at

(OT: sorry, i couldn't figure out the vBcode for the link. see in the forums for details.)

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Path and PDF icons swapped
Authored by: gerti on Feb 22, '07 09:01:09AM

Looks (at least in the preview) like the patch and PDF icons are swapped.

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Path and PDF icons swapped
Authored by: mustang_dvs on Feb 22, '07 10:11:03AM

On the preview page, pdf.gif is shown under the text "patch.gif"; pie0.gif is shown under the text "pdf.gif" and patch.gif is shown under the text "pie0.gif".

The images are correct, the captions and the image order are not.

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Path and PDF icons swapped
Authored by: mlc on Feb 27, '07 11:05:53PM

Thank you, this has been corrected.

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Great! Thanks!
Authored by: tice on Feb 22, '07 10:10:18AM

I tried it myself once but stuck after 8 or 10 Icons. Thanks for the nice work! : )

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Authored by: lullabud on Feb 22, '07 11:06:44AM

I was seriously looking into this last week since I have a lot of people accessing my G5 to grab various file types. I wanted something with more style... This is very cool. :)

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Replace the aging standard Apache icons
Authored by: underdesign on Feb 22, '07 11:26:28AM
Funny, I'd done this myself earlier last year.

Check mine out:

Highly-stylised, only in PNG format (lazy me) and only 2 sizes (32 or 128) but free to use...

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Replace the aging standard Apache icons
Authored by: pub3abn on Feb 23, '07 06:20:15AM

Wow, yours are really nice. Do I understand your license to mean they could be used on a commercial website, as long as they are not redistributed as downloads per se?

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Replace the aging standard Apache icons
Authored by: mlc on Feb 27, '07 11:04:47PM

If your question is directed towards me, I have revised the license. The icons are in public domain. I am only requesting that credit be given and that the README file is distributed with the icon set. However, it is in the public domain and you are free to do what you will.

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Replace the aging standard Apache icons
Authored by: Gnarlodious on Feb 28, '07 01:20:55PM

Hey, your screws are backward thread!

Makes me dizzy.

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If it ain't broke don't fix it
Authored by: bedouin on Feb 22, '07 04:46:17PM

I'm so used to seeing them after all these years that looking at anything else would be awkward.

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OS X set?
Authored by: sorahn on Feb 22, '07 07:01:54PM

Does anyone have or know of a set that is stylized to match os x?

--Carpe Noctem--

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OS X set?
Authored by: pub3abn on Feb 23, '07 06:24:31AM

The program CocoThumbX will take any icon your drop on it, and churn out a 128x128 image (if so set). It would be tedious to do this for all the icons, but for a few it would be a quick fix to get the OS X look.

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OS X set?
Authored by: joelseph on Feb 23, '07 01:14:32PM

Hey! Thanks alot... I was looking for a program like that last week... for the exact same thing, to replace a few of Apache's icons on my mac server.

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Replace the aging standard Apache icons
Authored by: bloodnok on Feb 22, '07 08:11:54PM

that's a nice set of icons. did you think to donate them to the apache httpd group? they'd probably really like them. try pinging william rowe of ...

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Correct plural
Authored by: sblowes on Apr 28, '07 09:44:11AM

The correct plural of "index" is "indices."
"...fancy indexes..." should be "fancy indices."

Weird, huh?

(The same applies to matrix)

To err is human, to moo is bovine

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Replace the aging standard Apache icons
Authored by: Frans-Jan on Feb 05, '08 03:53:41AM

Nice tip!

Does anybody know how to change the font? I see no stylesheet in the source code. My default font broke when upgrading to apache 2 / leopard

Thanks, Frans-Jan

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