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Create custom folder backgrounds on burned CD/DVDs System
I've been struggling quite some time to get this done and couldn't find anything about it on macosxhints, Apple Discussions, or the Roxio Toast forums, so here we go...

I wanted to burn a folder to DVD and needed it to look exactly the way I set it up in Finder (custom background image, icon view with custom positioning), just like a lot of install media or downloadable DMGs. You could do something like this with earlier versions of Toast, but I never got it to work with OS X 10.4.x and Toast 7/8.

So I created a folder, put everything in it, hit Command-J, and tried burning it with Disk Utility and Toast 8. Since the background image and the size of the folder window got lost, I decided to give disk images a try. I used Disk Utility to create an image, put the folder content directly into it, put the folder itself into the image and so on. I even used all of the available options in Disk Utility to convert the image and did the same (image creation, conversion, etc.) within Toast.

Eventually it worked, and I had burnt a Mac-only DVD with my folder (and its custom look) on it. I put the DVD in my trusty Cube just to see if it works there, too. And guess what? It did not, the background image was not there, but still visible on my MacBook Pro where I had burnt the DVD!

Now I realized that the folder on the DVD had the same properties as the original on my Desktop. Using Command-J on it, revealed to me that its associated background image was the file residing still on my Desktop and, of course, removing this image file resulted in the same "background-less" view as on the Cube. So the trick is to also burn the background image.

Since this is not done automatically I did the following:
  • Create a writable image file with Disk Utility and mount it
  • Copy the folder you want to burn to the mounted image
  • Create another folder on the mounted image called something like bgimage containing your background image file
  • Open Terminal and navigate to the image (cd /Volumes/imagename)
  • Optionally make the folder invisible (mv /Volumes/imagename/bgimage /Volumes/imagename/.bgimage
  • Go to the now-hidden folder and open it in Finder by navigating to it (cd /Volumes/imagename/.bgimage) and then opening it (open .)
  • Get the little folder icon at the top of the Finder window and add it to your sidebar via drag and drop (you'll need that in a second)
  • Select the Folder on the mounted image, press Command-J, choose to select an image as background. In the appearing dialogue, click on the sidebar alias of the hidden folder (you can't just navigate to hidden folders, hence the prior step with the sidebar alias)
  • Resize your Finder window if neccessary
  • Use Disk Utility to convert the image to read-only
  • Burn the image (I used Toast 8 for that by choosing Copy and then Image file, but Disk Utility should work, too).
That's it. You now have a hidden folder on your CD/DVD containing the background image and the Finder window setup you need! Any (tested!) hints about making this simpler are welcome; I just couldn't find an easier way.
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Create custom folder backgrounds on burned CD/DVDs
Authored by: MurphyM on Feb 20, '07 07:59:58AM
That's really cool. I made a screencast about making a DMG with a background image a couple months ago using a similar process, I hid the file instead of the folder. I think your method improves on mine - I took the users through a step to make hidden files visible in Finder. Your sidebar trick saves this step, very clever! Now I have to update my screencast.

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Another way to navigate to hidden folders
Authored by: sharumpe on Feb 20, '07 08:34:32AM

If you know the path of the hidden folder, and don't want to open Terminal, you can, in either the Finder or most (all?) save/open dialogs, press Cmd-Shift-G. A sheet will appear asking which folder you want to go to. Just type in the path and click "Go".

Tab-Completion of filenames works in that sheet, but is quirky if you're used to shell-based completion, so give it a try but be patient.

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Create custom folder backgrounds on burned CD/DVDs
Authored by: patchets on Feb 20, '07 08:44:44AM

There is a way in Toast to set the background image and window size of the mac window. As well as have a windows partition, which you cant do with this method. Its listed in the help under "Making a Custom Hybrid Disc"
Its the way we used to have to make mac/windows discs back in the day before Toast 7 and it saves all the window info on the mac side.

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One difference on my machine
Authored by: sr105 on Feb 20, '07 12:39:02PM

When I selected my jpeg image for my background, the dialog went away and the selection reverted back to "White." I then re-selected "Picture" and my jpeg appeared. I'm not sure why, but thought it worth mentioning.

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Create custom folder backgrounds on burned CD/DVDs
Authored by: emaven on Feb 20, '07 01:27:32PM

One problem I have had with some custom backgrounds -

Sometimes I option drag a dmg file to my hard drive. This creates a folder with the associated files within it.

So if I do this to install an application, other account users on the Mac cannot use the application. The file is not accessible and has a red line through it. To get around this, you can just drag the files you need and not the whole folder. Then other users do have access to it.

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Create custom folder backgrounds on burned CD/DVDs
Authored by: hucksbud on May 14, '07 09:21:52PM

OK this looks like it should work just fine, however, when I drag the image file to the sidebar, it loads fine, but when I try to load it for the background image it won't load. t seems that the side bar file has to be a folder or volume. I must be misunderstanding this somehow. It's frustrating because once I hide the file using terminal. the disc image loses it's background image...Obviously because now it has another name. the dot in front of the filename. Help...I feel stupid.


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Create custom folder backgrounds on burned CD/DVDs
Authored by: jgcalifornia on Sep 08, '09 06:23:29PM

can i ask a stupid question......;/
what is the difference between a custom "background" and custom icon, when referring to cd's and dvd's..


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