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Make it easier to reset Visor's window height Apps
Visor (a recent Pick of the Week here on macosxhints) is a must-have enhancement for OS X's It has has just one annoying bug: It will get bigger by one row each time you relaunch Terminal. To fix this problem, the developer suggests that you manually edit Terminal's plist file in ~/Library/Preferences. Here's a trick that will do this for you.
  1. Download (4KB) visor-fix. If you're afraid this program will blow up your computer, feel free to compile it yourself, as the source is included.
  2. Unzip the contents, cd into the visor-fix folder in Terminal, and then move the included visor program (it's universal) to ~/.visor using this command:
    prompt$ mv visor ~/.visor
  3. Add the following to your .bashrc (or whatever you use for your Terminal startup commands):
    resetvisor() {                                                                        
      defaults write VisorTerminal -dict-add Rows 20                 
      ~/.visor &                                                                        
      killall Terminal                                                                  
    Note: Replace the number 20 with whatever size you prefer Visor to have.
  4. Open a new Terminal window (so that the new .bashrc is loaded) and type resetvisor.
When you run resetvisor, Terminal should quit and relaunch with Visor now set to the desired size. It is necessary to kill the Terminal application because just quitting it will undo the changes to the preferences file. Just run this command whenever Visor becomes too big for its own good.

[robg adds: I tested this one, and it works as described.]
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Make it easier to reset Visor's window height | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Make it easier to reset Visor's window height
Authored by: Red Phoenix on Feb 16, '07 02:58:28PM

Actually, I've found the following steps to be the easiest:
1. Make active (we want its menu)
2. Bring down Visor (I believe Option-` is the default. At least, it's what I have).
3. Click on the Visor, to make sure it's the active window.
4. Go to the Terminal > Window Settings... menu item.
5. Picking the Window inspector, set the number of rows you want (15 is what I use; to match this hint it looks like you would use 20).

It's admitably more steps than typing a command in the terminal, but to me at least feels more straightforward.

The biggest issue with this is that you can only do it once per run of Whenever I try it twice, I cannot get the Window Settings panel to focus on the Visor. Of course, I've only ever needed to do it multiple times in order remember what the steps were so I could write this down.

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Make it easier to reset Visor's window height
Authored by: phoopee3 on Feb 17, '07 11:57:10AM

This is a great tip, I use visor, but infrequently, so one day I thought to myself "when did this window get so big?" haha, not it takes up the whole screen. But i have the terminal window set to 70% transparency or so, so it's not too bad that it's the whole screen.

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Reset Visor's window height with customized
Authored by: Sensei on Feb 22, '07 11:08:09AM
I found another way to implement this that is more compatible with the comment by mithras on the Pick of the week page that uses a hacked copy of to hide it from the Dock and the application switcher. The problem is you would have to modify and recompile visor-fix to target the new app (probably not hard for some, but I don't know how to do it) and the new app has no menu interface, so you can't use the window settings. So, I added this to my .profile:

alias quit='defaults write
    VisorTerminal -dict-add 'Rows' '15'; killall Terminal'

(all on one line)

This also gives a good way to quit Visor, since it has no menu interface, by simply typing quit. This way, every time you quit with the command line, the number of lines is reset. It does have the side effect of quitting the regular if you have it running, but I haven't figured out a fix for that yet since my shows up simply as 'Terminal' in Activity


Douglas Adams

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Make it easier to reset Visor's window height
Authored by: dylanryan on Sep 24, '07 08:37:52PM
Adding the following to your .profile (or .bashrc or whatever) takes all the guesswork out:

trap "defaults write VisorTerminal -dict-add Rows 20" EXIT

As far as I can tell, that will automatically reset its size when you quit (Cmd-Q / Terminal>Quit Terminal), logout, or exit.

I originally tried the defaults write ... in a .bash_logout, but that didn't seem to get called when quitting via Command-Q (or Terminal>Quit Temrminal), but this does.

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