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Display a count of connected iTunes users Apps
Some of my coworkers like to share iTunes on our LAN. It occurred to me that it would be fun (and maybe useful) to see how many people were streaming shared playlists at any given time. Aside from viewing status in the sharing prefs, I could find no obvious way to do this. So I whipped up a little shell script that watches for new connections on port 3689.

The script will write a list of IP numbers of remote iTunes clients to a log file, then name that file with the number of connections so that it could be seen in the Finder. Just create an empty folder somewhere and enter its path at the top of this script. Open this folder and position it wherever you want it to appear when users connect. If you select list view, the log file won't move around when the window is refreshed. Then have a cron job run it periodically.

[robg adds: Remember to make the script executable via chmod 755 script_name. The script worked well for me in testing. With minor modifications, you could have the script write the number to a file, then use Geeklog to display the contents of that file in a more visually interesting manor.]
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Display a count of connected iTunes users
Authored by: hamarkus on Feb 06, '07 08:06:44AM

In iTunes, hit cmd-; (i.e. open its preferences), click on the Sharing button. At the bottom of the preferences window a line will read: "Status: on, X users connected".
For information about what songs are being listened to use the Applescript "What are people listening 2" (available among others on Doug's site).

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Display a count of connected iTunes users
Authored by: turkchgo on Feb 06, '07 09:12:43AM
Or you could just use iTunes connection monitor app which will show you the ip address of the connected users and what songs they have open.

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iTunes monitor app too!
Authored by: turkchgo on Feb 06, '07 09:15:13AM
Also this stand-alone app is good too for doing the same thing

iTunes Monitor

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Display a count of connected iTunes users
Authored by: ctierney on Feb 07, '07 08:39:00AM

Thanks for the comments and alternative apps!

I'm not surprised that there're existing solutions. I mainly saw this as an interesting oportunity to practise my sed. :-) I plan on adding a couple parameters so I can montor connections on other ports.

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Display a count of connected iTunes users
Authored by: k0t1k968 on Feb 09, '07 01:16:24PM
Widget "iServe" does this (and also count iPhoto, AFP, ARD and SSH connections )

Andrei Tchijov
Leaping Bytes, LLC

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