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Create a custom skin for QuickTime movies Apps
A skin is like a frame around your QuickTime movie. You can make your movie look like it?s playing in a TV, or a car windshield, or whatever else you can imagine. Your movie doesn?t even have to be rectangular. Here's how to create one (note that this hint requires QuickTime Pro).

First create an image file using Photoshop or some other graphics program. You can use a photograph or clip art or draw something yourself. Within this file, fill the area where your video will play back in black or white. Save the file as skin.png. Select all the area where your video will not play and fill it with black. (In Photoshop, if you have the video area selected, you can press Shift-Command-I to invert the selection and select everything other than the video area, then fill it black.) Fill the other portion of the image with white. Save this file as mask.png. Finally, fill the entire skin with black and save that as black.png. All files should be saved in the same folder.

Open your video with QuickTime Pro. Then drag skin.png to the QuickTime icon in the Dock, and it will open in a new QuickTime window. In this window, hit Command-A to select the entire window's contents. Hit Command-C to copy it. Hit Command-W to close this file. Select the QuickTime window your source video is in. Press Command-A to select All, then pick Edit -> Add to Selection and Scale.

Hit Command-J to open the properties. Select the video track for your skin. It will say PNG in the format column. At the bottom left of the Visual Settings tab, click Choose to select a mask, and select the mask.png file you saved earlier. At the top of the Properties window, click on the track for your video, and use the offset fields to line up your video in the hole in your skin. If your video does not show through the skin, click the Invert button. (Your skin should already be in a layer on top of the video. If not, use the Layer field to adjust as necessary.)

Go to File, Save As, and save the file as At this point, you should see your skin as you?d like it to appear, except it?s inside a regular QuickTime viewer. The last step gets rid of the viewer. Create a plain text file and enter the following:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?quicktime type="application/x-qtskin"?>
    <movie src=""/>
    <contentregion src="black.png"/>
    <dragregion src="black.png"/>
Save this file as -- the .mov is the important part. Double-click in Finder. You should see your skin and video without a QuickTime window. To make this a standalone movie, click File -> Save as, and save it as a Standalone movie. If you don?t want to create your own skin and mask files, you can practice with the files provided here. You can also watch the steps performed in a screencast.

  • Use plain rectangle skins and masks your first time out, until you get the hang of it.
  • Add a frame to the beginning of your video telling users to use the spacebar to start and stop your video, and to use Command+W to close it.
  • You can add playback buttons to your skin, but it requires Adobe GoLive or a similar product.
  • To ease making your skin: start with a screenshot of the QT movie. It?s easier to size that way.
[robg adds: I've been wondering how to do this, and the above instructions worked as described for me. On my first try, the final movie didn't line up the mask and movie correctly. It turns out that I failed to select the video track the first time I set the offset values -- and changing the offset on the mask image won't lead to the desired results!]
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Or read the User's Guide
Authored by: rhowell on Jan 29, '07 09:17:02AM
The User's Guide documents this and many other features:

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Anyone have a similar tip for VLC?
Authored by: SuperCrisp on Jan 29, '07 11:35:35AM

I love to watch video on my TV using VLC, but I've never been able to figure out a way to get it to display in a black or borderless window. Anyone have a tip like this for VLC?

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Create a custom skin for QuickTime movies
Authored by: MurphyM on Jan 29, '07 07:51:22PM
Sueprcrisp: Here are some instructions for VLC skins. -MurphyM

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Create a custom skin for QuickTime movies
Authored by: michelmac on May 16, '07 08:08:14AM

Absolutely great hint ! Easy and funny.

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